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Ideas for a poison user character

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Level 4
Feb 25, 2010
Hi people! I am in need for some ideas. I am doing a campaign an one of the main characters is a poison user assassin.

I would like some ideas of skills that can be put in it (remembering that it is for a single player campaign). Each skill, except the ultimate, will have nine levels

I already think about some simple skills like a Envenomed Shuriken (a simple edited shadow strike), a passive orb (Poison sting), and maybe a Wind-Walk-like skill (but that decreases movement speed, for the feeling of 'cautious movement').

Of course, all will be themed made (the character's name is Nightshade and the model is a Spirit of Vengeance, so i think about a 'Dark-Poison' user or sumthing.

Someone can help? ^^
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
How about a Spellbook ability that allows you to use poisons with various effects, learning more with quests (as rewards or fetch quests, increasing levels would reduce manacost and cooldown).

For example:

Slow Poison (autocast): slows attack and movement speed
Potion of Rage: A venom that burns through the victim's veins, greatly increasing attack speed, increasing damage taken, does damage over time, and makes the victim Neutral Hostile.
Fever: The target's vision is muddled, making it miss in combat.
Manablock: Mana regeneration is reduced to zero while the poison is active.
Magefever poison: The target is forced to cast spells at random until the the effect ends.
Brainfreeze: Target is stunned (melee-range stun)
Hallucination: The target suffers a hallucination, believeing himself surrounded by enemies. He may attack an empty spot, a fellow soldier, hold still and cower until the monsters go away, run around without attacking...
etc., etc.

As an active ability, maybe summon a permanent snake pet, that gains poison attacks with levels?
Level 4
Feb 25, 2010
these are cool ideas, i could use some of them, yet, about the snake, i will prefer not use it, because there are another hero that use summons and alikes



Level 3
Oct 15, 2010
Hmmm... a poison user hero.. since a unit can have 6 free slot for spell and skill,

how about this:
first slot (maybe in the center mid-left part of the unit action bars)
"Poison satchel/Pack of poisons"
"This will be your main skill as a poison based hero."
-make a spellbook ability that have several poisons in it to choose from, like
cleavinghammer said. This skill will be available for the hero from the start.
You can only activate one poison at a time by clicking it and you can change it
anytime you like by clicking other poison available. and the poison effect will be
applied in each attack.

sample poison:
Deadly poison - will apply a damage over time buff on the enemy, the poison
effect stack with each attack.
example: 3dmg per sec. for 5sec duration. when you hit twice,
it will be 6dmg per sec for 5sec.
(the damage increases each hero level)

Crippling poison - slows the target's movement and attack speed, the poison effect
stack with each attack (but put some limit for the effect like
maximum slow effect is 60% and increase it for each lvl)
example: reduce 5%as and 3%ms for 5sec, hitting twice will
make it 10%as and 6%ms for 5sec.
(increase the slow and limit for the slow effect per hero level)

Mind numbing poison - drain the targets mana per attack. the poison effect stack with
each attack. the effect have an initial burn and drain over time.
example: burn 20mana and drain 5mana per sec for 5sec. when
you hit twice the burn effect will be the same. but the
drain stack. burn 20mana and drain 10mana per sec for
(mana burn and drain increases per hero level)

Weakening poison - Reduce the targets armor per attack. the poison effect stack
with each attack. not like other poison, this poisons duration also
increase each stack.
example: reduce the target's armor by 0.5 for 3sec, hitting twice
will make it -1 armor for 6sec.
(reduced armor and duration increases per hero level)

Second slot (in the bottom most left part of the unit action bar)
"Envenomed Shuriken"
- A throwing skill that initially dmg the target AND apply a poison effect depending on
what poison you activated in "Poison satchel/Pack of poison" put this skill in a long
cooldown to make it a timing based skill. or opener skill (to make your hero melee
oriented as much as possible).
Deal 100 dmg and apply 3 stack of poison effect on your target.
(each skill level increases the dmg and stack of poison you apply on the target)

Third slot (in the bottom mid-left of the unit action bar)
"Blinding Powder"
- Since a poison user rely on over time effects of the poison, stealth is necessary.
"Blinding powder" can be an area of effect spell or target spell. it depends on what
you prefer most.
(if area of effect) -Throw a bag of blinding powder on an area making the affected
unit unable to see (making your hero or every allied unit
invisible) for a certain amount of time.
(duration and area of effect increase each skill level)
(if target unit spell) -Throw a blinding powder on the enemy making him/her unable to
see (making your hero or every allied unit invisible) for a certain
amount of time.
(duration increase each skill level)

Fourth slot (in the bottom mid-right of the unit action bar)
"Poison Dagger (autocast)"
- Since most of your poison in "Poison satchel/Pack of poisons" doesn't deal damage.
you need a Damage over time skill. "Poison Dagger" will dmg your target over time.
make this spell a physical dmg spell so the "weakening poison" can benefit from it.
It is also a way to use your mana.
Deals 20dmg for 3 sec.
(Increase the dmg per skill level)

Ultimate slot (in the bottom most-right of the unit action bar)
"Rupture wound"
- This skill can be an opener or finisher move. the effect of this skill varies on the
poison you use on the target. the more stack of poison you apply on the target,
the more powerful the effect will be.

This is the list of the possible effect you can use on each poison:
Deadly Poison - Instantly deal damage to the target
example: 50 dmg per stack.
Crippling Poison - Stun the target
example: .5sec stun per stack.
Mind numbing Poison - Silence the target
example: 1sec silence per stack.
Weakening Poison - Double the dmg taken by the target.
example: 2sec duration per stack.

I hope you get something in my idea.
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Level 4
Feb 25, 2010
incredible ideas! i like many of them, and now i am thinking what i will really use...

in fact, i'm trying decide what of them is good for use versus pc only (remembering it is a single player campaign), so, the rupture one is not really useful (or fair with the poorly AI xD)
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