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Idea for an ORPG

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Oct 9, 2011
I have an idea for an ORPG called Rift ORPG where dimensions have been distorted thus creating several different areas sort of awkwardly thrown together. In each area the players can either grind and do the normal 5 or 6 cliche rpg quests, or will also have the option of completing sort of story quests for each "rift."
Some ideas I had for the areas were:
-Standard Humans vs Orcs medieval war
-Desert/Sandy area with all the appropriate creeps(centaurs ect.)
-An Oceanic area, with alot of different islands to explore
-A boneyard, deadlands area which has blood elves and night elves and is devastated by plague
-A Ultra High level area full of space marines and futuristic weapons. There will be a faction of government troops and outcasts fighting each other.

Each of these areas will have its little sub climates too

I dont want to explain everything so heres a list of system I want to employ:
=Inventory System - Main Hand, Off Hand, Two Handed, Armor, Helm, =Artifact, 2 Rings, Gloves, and Boots
=Achievement system with rewards
=Save/Load system capable of saving achievement progress
=Dropped item ownership
=Item rarity model: grey->white->green->blue->purple->red(legendary)->orange(legendary items belonging to specific people)
possibly item sets
=Very atmospheric. Don't want idle villagers.
=Weapon, helm, shield models

Im no good at terrain. I have a programming background so I know I could figure out jass, and be able to do custom spells and such, not to mention there are plenty of custom spells out there. Its the more complex systems I'm worried about.

Basic idea is to turn this into a mini MMORPG. Some ORPG's I've played are really great systems but poor terrain. Or vice versa. Or alot of so-so classes.

I'd rather make a quality 256x256 map then go for 480x480 and have classes that people spam cause their imba.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Want to offer help? I figure if I can get the terrain I could do the rest myself.
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Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Actually it's not all that horrid if you find a way to terrain with triggers(though odds are you will have some loss of quality unless you spend good time on this). There are more annoying other issues though that arise as you add more detail like trying to save more complicated items like with magical prefix/suffixes, or sockets items, or trying to have skill/talent trees since save codes get longer and you have to account for that.
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