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Idea Dump

Level 23
Oct 20, 2012
Not really a dump. I love these ideas and I usually make em when I'm bored, but since I won't be able to make em' all, I just decided to share these with the community. These are all of the gameplay/hero ideas I have saved up from the past (and maybe I'll add some more in the future). Feel free to use em' to your liking.

Suggested Number of Players: Multiplayer, Teams with even number of players.
Objectives/Gameplay: Players may select a single hero each.

Each team starts with a caravan that stores the team's overall resources (Preferably lumber so they can spend gold on items). They start with xxx amount of resources. The caravan will slowly move towards a town, and when it reaches it, their stored resource will be evaluated.

They can collect these "resources" by looting (attacking) another team's caravan. Even though the caravan won't take any damage, it will however lose resources per attack and those resources lost will be transferred to the other team's caravan. The one team with the highest amount of resource when the caravan reaches the town wins.
Suggested Number of Players: Multiplayer, FFA.
Objectives/Gameplay: This can be an arena map, control point, gathering, survival or whatever. The catch will be on the map itself.

The playable map will be divided by 9 square parts. (See Image)
The Dark gray square will be the main "island" of the map. The light shaded squares are "islands" that will "rotate" clockwise/counterclockwise periodically. The red squares are the entrance/exits of the map. An exit that will be located on the outer side of the map (doesn't connect to any other island) will be deactivated.

To pull off the "rotation" of the islands, we could simply hide the other islands from the view of a specific player (modify cam bounds for a specific player? would that work?) and just move the hero to the designated island par to the exit it just entered.

For example, Let's assume the islands rotate clockwise and the player is in the main island (center one). Then player moves to island 1 by going to the top entrance. If the island moves, island 1 will now (supposedly, since were not really moving the terrain) be in the place where island 2 was supposed to be and if the player enters the portal that led to the main island before the rotation, he will now be transported to island 2 instead (Since island 2 is now in the place where island 3 is supposed to be).

If you think that would be confusing to players, imagine making multiple rotating worlds. (See image Below)
Green Lines connect to the other "rotating worlds" while the purple arrows indicate the rotation of the islands of each individual world. If this is going to be some kind of gathering map, I'm sure it would confuse so many damn players. :p
Suggested Number of Players: Multiplayer, Teams with even number of players, FFA, single player.
Objectives/Gameplay: Players must activate all 10 switches scattered around the map. These switches may be activated with several hits but whenever attacked, it will summon a mob of monsters. The weaker the switch is, the stronger the summoned monsters.

After all switches have been activated, it will summon a boss in a random spot or a designated spot in the map. This boss will teleport to a random spot in the map whenever he loses 10% of his max health. The boss also summons a mob in the spot where he used to be. Game ends after the boss dies.
Range: Preferably Melee
Curse - Unit target
Marks a target enemy unit with a curse that will slowly drain the life out of it, degrade its movement and makes his accuracy fall.​
Blade of the Accursed - Passive
Each successive attack applies a stacking damage amplifier to the attacked enemy unit.​
Phantasm - Unit target
Engulfs the target with a cloud of its materialized nightmares. Deals damage over time based on the doppelganger's agility and slowly drains the target's mana as well.​
Abhorrent Cull - Unit target
Instantly pulls an enemy unit closer to the doppelganger. The target will be slowed as well if it is an enemy unit. Deals damage and a brief stun if the target enemy unit is cursed.​
Dark Illusion - Unit target
Mimics the target unit's appearance. When you take damage while in the form of the target, it will take a percent of the damage taken as well. Dying while in the form of your enemy unit will make the mimiced enemy suffer xx% of your maximum life as damage. The mimiced unit will take 100% damage if it attacks you.​
Immaterial Being - Innate Passive
Reduces all incoming physical damage by a %.​

Oh, you guys could add (post) whatever you want too and I'll try to fix em' all into this one post. We could make this as some kind of Idea Convention or whatevs. :)

Thread still under construction. Will add more later.