Pirate based compedative RPG.

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Jul 1, 2008
Before you go "lame" hear me out.
The idea is to create a huge 12 player rpg based off of one Piece which covers all explored aspects of One Piece and a few that haven't been explored. Of course custom models WILL be used. I won't cheap out and use in game wc3 models for things they simply won't suit.

I have my personal user notes which are still in rough draft so they have spelling mistakes plus a few bug abuses but for the most part you can tell what I'm planning by reading them and see that most bug abuses are avoided in the planning stage.

Tell me what you think of the idea AFTER you read the notes.

3 starting islands.

3 quests to obtain your first pirate ship for free. All islands can have the quests but once 3 of these quests are completed the rest don't give

pirate ships: instead they give items/bounty (only the quests labeled with rewards of tier 1 pirateship)

Team goals:
Pirates: Decypher all Poneglyphs (which you will need to in order to find Raftel and enter the island) and acquire One Piece.
Shichibukai: Capture or kill ALL Pirates/ Yonkou and acquire One Piece (they do not need to decypher the poneglyphs in order to access Raftel

instead all Yonkou must be killed)

If a player Pirate kills a Yonkou they will replace that Yonkou and must be killed in order for the Shichibukai to access Raftel. (if a Yonkou is

on Raftel any Shichibukai may enter but cannot obtain One Piece)

The more crimes committed and the more you progress through the game means marines will hunt you down more often with bigger and more powerful

ships. If you get a bounty on your head above 300 million you will be offered on your next encounter with the Marines to join the Shichibukai. If

you accept you cannot attack towns anymore and are permanently against all pirates but gain the strenght of the Marines to aid you (gain a command

on your ship that allows you to call marines to your location. The closest 5 marine ships not enguaged in battle will come to your aid. Your

mission objective will also change to imprison all the pirates and conquor the New World by obtaining One Piece. But the (Yonkou will come after

you instead of the marines/Shichibukai). If you decline the
Yonkou will become your allies and any alliances you set up in the New World (they will only respond to your requests for help in the new world)

will mean your ally(s) will come to help you.

The differences are: Siding with the Marines means easier game play early and mid game but harder gameplay at the end. Siding with the Yonkou

means harder gameplay early and mid game but easier gameplay at the end. Pirate ships in the New World are much stronger than marine ships (4

marine ships from the grand line=1 pirate ship in the new world)
If you side with the Marines is also means you will be unable to pillage outside of the new world.

When captured by the Marines/Shichibukai (they will outright kill you if your bounty exceeds 500 million meaning the Shichibukai cannot kill you

until your bounty exceeds 500 million*when your hp reaches 0 and a marine/Shichibukai has dealt that last hit you are removed from play and the

enemy who did this has 5 minutes to return to H.Q. (marines automatically retreat after capturing pirate) Shichibukai have the time limit. If

they have not returned to base their pirate ship is fully repaired and the pirate captured returns to their ship.) Your team mates can rescue you

or any other pirate who wants to.

Each ship will have a specific area on the map dedicated to their deck where the heroes will have tasks to perform while sailing which gains them

stats. The deck is also where onboard fighting will take place. If a bombardment ship fight is happening a artillery effect (kind of like stampeed

with cannon balls) will happen. Parts of the ship can be used as cover but have hp. the more parts that are damaged means the slower your ship

will travel and attack in a bombardment attack. (formula used will be for every 10% hp lost on any peice of the ship the debuff on your pirate

ship will be -5 ms and -2% as.)
When a pirate ship has its crew wiped out all wealth and items belonging to that crew are dropped on the deck of that ship. Its only when all of

its members are killed that this happens (meaning when you are captured this does NOT happen)

If you are below 500 million bounty when you die you are A) either revived on your ship after the battle has ended or B) when your entire crew is

dead you and your ship revive at your captain's starting island with your ship docked and fully repaired. there is no penatly for dying before you

are at 500 million bounty other than a 30 second revival delay.

Each island will have 10 quests and before you can move onto the next one you have to complete 50% of the tests on the island.

Each pirateship will have a set course and they have to follow their log posse (minimap isn't available in the grand line) or they may get lost

along the way. Teams will share multiple islands (log posse's will cross) but only after the first grand line islands.

You start your quest off of the grand line and have to work your way to the grand line.

minimap is disabled while in the grandline.

Once you've completed rare and difficult quests with a reward named: "admiral's charm" you may recruit pirates who do not lvl instead of players

(you control the pirates only a maximum of 4 per player) and your team mates may buy pirate ships/ recruit pirates as well. There will be a total

of 3 of these quests but they are incredibly difficult and hard to find. usually they will include defeating someone from the government who

wanders the seas doing whatever the quest says they are doing once you've activated the quest.

Maximum of 4 players per team but players can switch teams. Players may go solo at their own risk. To make travel possible in this case (if they

don't have a pirate ship. When you are solo you can own your own pirate ship up to tier 2 pirate ship but cannot accept admiral missions)

One Piece Grand Line Islands:
* Reverse Mountain (Type: winter island)
* Cactus Island (Log change: Less than a day)
o Whiskey Peak (Chopper's best weapon can be obtained here via quest)
* Little Garden (Type: Prehistoric Island. Log change: 1 year)
* Cukhor Vacation Resort
* Drum Island (Type: winter island)
o Bighorn
o Drum Rockies (a group of tall tower-like mountains)
o Robelle town
* Arabasta (Type: summer Island):
o Rainbase
o Yuba
o Erumalu
o Nanohana
o Katorea
o Spiders Cafe
o Alubarna
* Jaya (Type: spring island, Log change: 4 days):
o Mock Town
* Skypiea:
o White Sea
o White-White Sea
o Angel Island
o Upper Yard
o Milky Road
* Navarone Island (anime only)
o G-8 Marine Base
* Long Ring Long Land Island
* Sea Train Zone
o Water 7 (Log change: 7 days ) (Franky's best weapon can be obtained here)
o Enies Lobby
o San Faldo
o Pucci
o St. Poplar
* Impel Down
* Marine Headquarters
* Mariejoa
* The Florian Triangle Area (at thriller bark you can obtain Zoro's best weapon by defeating Ryuuma aka hidden boss)
* Thriller Bark (in the florian triange) optional island: bosses here are: Gecko Moria | Dr. Hogback | Perona | Absalom and Oz.
* Sabaody Archipelago
* Fishman Island
* Elbaf
* Raftel
* Holliday Island

East Blue towns (one town per island)

* Fuschia Village: A small, quiet village. In the manga, this is where the story begins. Monkey D. Luffy, and Portgas D. Ace were born

here.(can obtain Luffy and Ace's best weapons here via hidden quests)
* Shell Town: The city that the corrupt Captain Morgan controlled.
* Orange Town: The village attacked by Buggy's Band of Pirates.
* Syrup Village: Usopp's home village.
* Baratie: A famous restaurant ship in the sea owned by former pirate Zeff. Sanji was raised here.(explorable Ruins. Can gain secret quests

and Sanji's best weapon through a quest.)
* Commi Island: The main base of operations for Arlong and his Fishman crew. It's also Nami's home island
* Logue Town (Roguetown in the English version)
* Warship Island (anime only): An island set before the Grand Line, not a real Warship but called such as the mountain formation looks like a

warship from a distance. It is originally a dragon's nest that rises from the ocean once every thousand years.
* Mirror Ball Island: An island from the Jango cover page arc and the featurette Jango's Dance Carnival. Home of Doskoi Panda, a very popular

and high-class brand.

North Blue:

Lyneel (birthplace of Montblanc Norland)
Sanji's birthplace
Toroa - Mentioned as the hometown of Byron, no other information known.
Ohara Ruins (can take quest to get Robin's best weapon in this town)

South Blue:

* Bliss Kingdom (Unknown if this kingdom still exists today)
* Karate Island
* Arms (gun) Manufacturer (Not officially confirmed) island
* Saint Reia

Calm Belt: (secret Island that are incredibly hard to get to because of Seakings)

*Amazon Lily

New World:
Red Line | Shanks' Jungle Island | Shanks' Winter Island | Wano Country | Paladego | Ancient Kingdom | Raftel

EDIT: Updating ideas.

Every game the camera angle you start at will be random so "north" will not always be north. This way you can't memorize the map set up and each game will require some exploring to even the most pro players out there.

New ideas for events:
-magnetic storm: forces the log posse to set to the last island it was set to.
-normal storm: makes all players in an AoE blind for 3 seconds and then teleports their ship 800 range away and rotates their camera view randomly.

Navigation system Idea:
-Log Posse: you have to stay at an island X amount of minutes to progress. It won't be seconds so it promotes doing the quests to become stronger so morons don't stay for 30 secs and run off to get killed at the next island.

Food system:
-Stamina: Stamina is kept track of by a counter system (like Kenpachi's ability) when you run out of stamina you lose 0.7% hp a second until you die. Stamina can be renewed by eating food.
-Food: Food can be bought cheaply at any town or alternatively you can kill wild animals and take their raw meat back to your ship/starting house and cook it on your stove to create food. Food restores stamina in an AoE to all allies.

Consumption of Food:
-Pros: When food is consumed you gain 50 hp per second back over 10 seconds. This is a non combat effect meaning when you are attacked you lose the healing effect. Food also stuns all allies for 1 second in an AoE when consumed. This does not stun enemies.

-Cons: Your character has a food limit that they can eat. When this limit is exceeded they will gain a debuff of -1% as and ms per point of stamina you have went over.

Technical details:
-Your hero can store up to 300 stamina and lose 1 stamina per second.
-When you have lost all your stamina you will gain a -20% debuff to AS and a -25% debuff to your ms. This debuff lasts 60 seconds. If you haven't increased your stamina by then you gain a buff called "hunger pains" where you gain %75 ms and as but take +100% damage from attacks and +500% damage from skills. This buff allows you to kill something fast and eat it but makes hero kills extremely easy so you can't abuse the buff by starving yourself then attacking the enemy.
-each piece of food eaten restores 100 stamina in a 450 AoE and stuns all allied units for 1 second.
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Sep 6, 2008
It sounds like good fun if you are multiple players and in some way can co-operate with selected players :grin:
The co-operation thing should be something like you send a request to another player and they will decide if the wants to co-operate with you or not,
you should also be able to break these co-operation "bonds" or what to call them if the one you co-operate with is a total jack @$$ or noob.
You shouldn't be able to break this "alliance" or co-operation bond when near one another since then you could break the alliance and start attacking the player without him/her noticing it right away.
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Sep 6, 2008
wouldn't the terrain be mostly done at a beta version? i understand if you say alpha but in beta :confused:

on the pirate ship thing, when you buy a new ship, do you loose your old one, do you sell it or do you keep it? since loosing a ship when buying a better one will lead to people waiting untill they can afford a more expensive ship so they won't loose the money when their current ship is removed.