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Jan 11, 2019
Hi! I've read Icon Submission Rules and General Resource Rules, but I still have a question about submitting multiple icons.
I've made a couple of icons:
- They all share the same theme, style and purpose;
- They all are edits of different standard Warcraft III icons;
- There are 17 icons.
Is it acceptable to post them in a single bundle, as in this example?

There is a rule "Icons that are slightly edited from other icons should be not uploaded seperately. They should be included in the same bundle of the original icon", but I don't know if it applies here.
I wanted to post them as a single bundle to avoid a large number of posts, and desided to ask before doing anything stupid.

In case it's unacceptable I guess it will be better to not submit these icons at all (because of the amount of posts), which is also the reason why I decided to ask first.

Please let me know if I just misunderstood the rules or if I'm missing something obvious, or if there is a peace of information I missed.



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Sep 23, 2012
Hello Ceterai,

Icons that are slightly edited applies, but not limited to simple recolor/re-rotation, we don't want users to flood the section with a same icon of slightly different executions.

You are free to upload them separately if they are not identical to each, based on your description(same theme, style and purpose), you should definitely upload them in one bundle like how Zephyrius did.
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