Discussion: Icons submission's rules & guidelines, WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines


  • WarCraft 3's icons' borderlines' graphics to WarCraft 3: Reforged's icons' borderlines' graphics

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  • Maintaining, or as WarCraft 3's graphics version of the icons' borderlines

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May 30, 2015
The icons' submission rules and guidelines say the standard Warcraft 3 borders, with the Button Managers, is there the consideration of switching from WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines since they are still WC3-based instead of the latter?

Or, prolly, is it fine for the future icons to be WC3 borderlines-based since it is fine for the switching (not sure about it; personally, I never read Blizzard posts (this year, and I never find it, it right here refers to the words "graphics switching")) between WC3's and WC3R's graphics?

Icon section
"Icons must have the standard Warcraft 3 borders to be approved. Button Manager can help you do this with ease."

The icon submission rules mention ^
So, prolly the present WC3 icons' borderlines can/could be upgraded into WC3R icons' borderlines since the borderlines of the icons are always WC3-based graphics instead of using/drawing the WC3R icons' borderlines' graphics?

From the another part, to discuss with, should it (the above) be not considered, so probably, it is fine for the future and the existed icons' borderlines' graphics to be maintained as WC3-based borderlines graphics, as I saw/heard (but I'm not sure about it) that the game, WC3:R can switch between the graphics' versions from WC3 to WC3R, (either) or vice versa?

The consideration about the graphics of the icons' borderlines (from WC3) to WC3R-based.

To be clear: (for the above, tl;dr part) the icon submission rules never talk about the future of WC3R icons, which the words "WC3R icons" themselves refer to the future creation of WC3R icons by the community.
^ (read it without the offense, and with the positive, please; should the negation exist)

Shortly, the icon section's future drawing.

The future: WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines?
The icons' borderlines (from the site) being WC3-based?

Personally, I think it should be WC3R-based in the future.

But, should the discussion from the second paragraph persists. (from the first one or the second one, before the "tl;dr" paragraph sections, where the words "the first one" and "the second one" refer to the first two paragraphs and the second three paragraphs, respectively)

Disclaimers: I never know the part about the graphics switching of WC3R, so be it, (or not) but, should it be not, then the discussion from each of the second paragraph (except the section, tl;dr parts) is not necessarily talked about then.
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