Ice Rock Armor

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I have officially decided to make an ice rock set! Enjoy, folks!

These items won't be having the low file size of my bone attachments, sadly, because these have translucent ice on the outside, and rock on the inside, requiring more polygons for the separate parts.

Still, compared to the average attachment, I think the quality to size ratio is well enough, and I hope that some people will find use of this.

As always, feel free to edit, but you still have to credit.

More ice items are on the way; I'll even be making gloves, boots, and possibly pants, so that you can really complete your customized ice character. I also plan to make "refined" versions of each ice item, which will be composed of melted ice that has been shaped to the person's body. They will look cleaner, and have lower file size, but they will also be clearly man-made. First, though, I'll be making this natural Ice&Rock set.

ice, rock, armor, torso, chest, equipment, attachment, spike, cold, frost

Ice Rock Armor (Model)

01:32, 14th Oct 2012 Kwaliti: Great and useful!
How about icy pants, the most creative idea in the day!

Actually, I plan to make some ice pants. They'll be tricky, though; they'll require multiple models in order to properly fit a villager's legs as they move while he walks. I found that out the hard way when I tried to make gauntlets earlier.

The biggest problem will be trying to get a villager to try them on for the screenshot without blue-balling himself.
A gauntlet model could be attached to "hand, left" and "hand, right", that way only one model would be sufficient :)

That doesn't work; unfortunately, the vertices in the villager's hand and arm squish, stretch, and turn, a lot. A gauntlet would have to be made in multiple parts, one directly on the hand, and one on the wrist. They would also need to have versions for left and right, because they would need to be rotated. The left and right hands are mirrors of each other, so attaching the same thing to both hands (other than handles) won't work.

With pants, this would be even more difficult, since the legs move around a lot; the pants would have to be in several pieces for attaching to different parts of the legs.

should make the whole set of ice Armour ^^

I am, read description ^^
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Bro, your attachments are sweet! Keep making item sets :D

Btw, I suppose the villager model can be edited to fit the attachments... Weapon left and right attachments could be put on wrists, and Sprite attachments for calves and thighs, and normally Foot attachments for feet... Suppose it can be done :D

There are already attachment points on feet and hands; the problem is that I need attachment points in the middle of legs and arms. And, yes, those could be added to a villager, but it would be pretty lame of me to upload a little attachment that requires a massive villager model to be usable.

Still, thanks for trying to help, and I do plan to keep making item sets for 'yeh. I expect the rest of the ice rock items to have a much lower file size than the shield and chest armor, since I won't be making as many internal layers for distortion effects.
looks really good to bad i currently dont need attachments because this would be awesome, lost the map i was using them on.
ill give it a 4/5 because of those horns dont look quite right

They're not horns, so if they "don't quite look right" to you, it's because you're trying to interpret them as something they're not. They're spikes, made out of thick ice and rock.
I neither find this useful nor find this worth approving, sorry.

Very helpful comment, thanks.

You're only trying to insult me, rather than actually provide your view of the model. I can understand differences in personal tastes, and I can understand if someone were to not like something I made, and not find it useful. That's all fine and dandy, people have different tastes. But saying it shouldn't even be approved? You're obviously just holding a grudge against me over some unknown comment from the past.

If you're going to say such things about a resource, then you should point out something that is wrong with it, or state a way that it could be improved.
It looks like armor using an ice texture.

Uh, you do realize it's Ice Armor, right? So, besides looking like armor made of ice, what would you suggest that I make it look like? And, no, I didn't take a chest and wrap ice to it.

Open the model up and view it, you'll realize that the whole thing is made of crystals, the shape of it is far too complex to simply be a re-wrapped armor, and the ice parts of the model are translucent (can be seen through). So, when placed on a unit, you can see the unit inside of the ice. The ice also has multiple internal layers, for distorting the view of things inside of it, as ice would.

But how about this, I'll make an ice armor that doesn't look like ice or armor, just for you, because that makes so much sense. Thanks for the idea.

If you have any further extraordinarily useful suggestions, carry them out via PM. I wouldn't want this thread to get too full of your good ideas, other posters might get jealous.

Don't mistake me, I liked the helmet and the shoulders, but this is damn fugly.

I'm glad you liked the helmet and shoulder pauldrons, but I actually think those are my worst attachments...
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You do realize you don't normally find ice in such forms, right? And judging from your other rock stuff, this looks too random and doesn't fit in with the rest.

Ice is found in nice shapes because it's solid water. It's a liquid that turned solid. The helmet and the shoulders were acceptable, but this isn't.

And no, there's no such thing as ice rock.
You do realize you don't normally find ice in such forms, right? And judging from your other rock stuff, this looks too random and doesn't fit in with the rest.

Ice is found in nice shapes because it's solid water. It's a liquid that turned solid. The helmet and the shoulders were acceptable, but this isn't.

And no, there's no such thing as ice rock.

It's ice, and rock, separate. Calling it Ice Rock Armor seemed better than calling it Armor Made Out Of Ice And Rock.

Ice doesn't have to be water. We're playing a game with dragons and walking cows that hit giant spider-ants with magically enchanted sticks while trolls with hooves do back-flips and turn knights into sheep, and you're complaining because ice and rock wouldn't naturally form together into a wearable piece of equipment with crystals and spikes? Who cares, blame it on a spellweaving icesmith, get some imagination and stop smashing on my model just because you're trying to apply the chemistry and physics of water to a fantasy game.

As I said before, if you have any more wonderful ideas, send them to me in a PM, and stop putting your impressive comments in this thread before they make somebody jealous at your superior ability to recognize creativity.
I rest my case. I still believe this shouldn't have been approved in the first place.

If it's so important to you, then create a petition requesting that my model be removed from hiveworkshop, and form a lynch mob to hang the moderator who approved it, for having different tastes than you and approving something that you didn't like.

You're free to do all of that and more, as long as you do it somewhere other than in my threads.