Ice Rock Pauldrons

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The next piece to my Ice equipment set. I decided to just replace the pure ice version with the Ice Rock version. When I'm done making all of the models and release a pack, I'll put easy instructions in the pack description for converting the ice rock items into pure crystal items. I didn't want to flood the resource section by uploading separate versions for both.

I hope you enjoy. They're intended for use with the rest of the set, but they can be used without it. They'll look a bit weird on a regular villager with no armor, though. You don't have to use it with my set; they'll look good as long as you put some sort of armor on the villager, anything but cloth. I've tested them in-game with other armors, and they looked pretty good.

The zoomed preview doesn't seem to be updating, so:

As always, edit and credit.

pauldron, shoulder, ice, crystal, frost, cold, armor, chest, attachment, equipment, spike, rock, stone

Ice Rock Pauldrons (Model)

22:37, 18th Oct 2012 Kwaliti: Another awesome set piece.




22:37, 18th Oct 2012

Another awesome set piece.