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I_H8_U_M8's Custom UI Pack

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
A metal futuristic user interface that I have created in the last week and a half.

This is the readme file that goes with all the parts.

Custom User Interface Pack 1.01 - Updated
~added Custom Cursor

By: I_H8_U_M8

Base Textures are Computer Generated and applied and edited by I_H8_U_M8
Date: 4/8/09

Replacing Paths:
File: HumanUIInventory.blp Path: UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile-InventoryCover.blp

File: HumanUITimeIndicator.blp Path: UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile-TimeIndicatorFrame.blp

File: HumanUI01.blp Path: UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile01.blp

File: HumanUI02.blp Path: UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile02.blp

File: HumanUI03.blp Path: UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile03.blp

File: HumanUI04.blp Path: UI\Console\Human\HumanUITile04.blp

File: CustomCursor.blp Path: UI\Cursor\HumanCursor.blp

Suggested that you change these file with custom game interface instead of replacing a path.

File: GameMenuBackground.blp Path: UI\Widgets\EscMenu\Human\human-options-menu-background.blp

File: GameMenuButtonBackground.blp Path: UI\Widgets\EscMenu\Human\human-options-menu-background.blp

Custom, UI, User, Interface, Metal, Steel, Iron, Pack
16:21, 13th Oct 2009 General Frank: All parts are rejected so this pack does too.




16:21, 13th Oct 2009
General Frank:

All parts are rejected so this pack does too.
Level 11
Aug 24, 2008
No I have nothin, I deleted everything since bu the blp files. I am making a new UI soon and if you want i'll post ALL (For a short time(2 days), I don't want people waiting 5 hours to dl a pack...) the image files I made that allowed me to make everything. Some one asked me to replace the quote: "ugly orange metal". with a dark wood for there game. Currently Im making all the textures for the wood that I will use. The Silent you will have to wait till im done my next UI.
Level 3
Jun 20, 2009
a brilliant idea good for many purposes i will absolutely use in next map although a bit extra artistry on it would make a difference maybe dragon in it but that would be difficult anyways 4\5
What do you mean what kind of accent is this this is a troll accent mon i swear ja making crazy:witch_doc_sad:
Level 4
Mar 13, 2009
Listen Buddy... This Is... GREAT!!! *---* i <3'ed IT!!! x) But Please,dude,Replace The Orange Thingies With A More Industrial Looking Metal (add some rust or blood to the parts that will replace the orange parts) And It'll Look Perfect For My Zombie Map :) That Is XACTLY what i was looking for,dude! Keep The Good Work ;) Believe Me,U Have Talent!! 4/5 +rep (5/5 if u do the replacement thingy *---*) :D