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I need idea for my LoaP map

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Level 5
Oct 31, 2007
I am making a map similar to LoaP and i need some ideas for systems, heroes, items, features, job and such. I'll give full credit for any ideas used and im very open-minded so please just come with any idea u have for it.
Level 19
Apr 10, 2010
Here I have ideas:
1. Gang Establishment - You can establish a gang which does business like Loan Sharks, Drug Running, etc.
2. Marriage System - You can marry random NPC's found on the streets. Unlike other systems.
3. City Missions - There are random missions obtained when you talk to NPCs
4. Bomb Shops - When you enter a car on the bomb shop zone, it becomes installed with a bomb, which explodes when yor character says so.
5. Wanted System - Similar to the GTA's system. Thus displays a permenent text on your screen which can change or can lessen.
Level 10
Jan 19, 2010
*Grave keeper
*Book keeper
++Priest/Monk(almost same like healer)

*Gun Dealer
-Drug Dealer
-Mob Boss

What do you think about it?:D
Level 3
Jul 24, 2010

Banking - you can save some moneys in the bank with 10% refund.
Property - you can buy any house, but you need to lock, if not, you'll robbed.
Vault - you can save your items here by registering yourself, remember the password.
Arms Dealer - any ranged an melee weapons can be brought here
Hospital - a place where you can heal yourself if you got sick
Black House - here you can hire a thief to steal other player's golds
Bulletin board - a place where you can save your map information (looks more interesting than in quest / F9)
Cathedral - Pray to your GOD!!!! if not, you lost 50% of your HP

That's all for now...
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