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Hype Train

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Here comes the Hype train !
I commissioned a professional voice actor to make this, I wrote the text and did the direction.
You can replace the soundset of whatever you want, but Kael is a good choice.
Use the sound compression of your liking too.
:ogre_rage: The yes attack 2, pissed 4 & 5 do not play on the hive but works fine when downloaded !
Text :
► Trained
> Here comes the Hype train !
► What
> Get in !
> 120 tons of pure magical genius !
> Nobody can stop me !
> Wanna ride ?
> I like trains !
> The only way is forward !
► Yes
> honk honk Good answer~ !
> With all my heart !
> To the sunset and beyond !
> All flux to the thrusters !
> You have my word !
► Yes attack
> Time to barge in !
> Yeeehaw !
> You live only once !
> Ramming speed !
> Weeeeeee ! Follow the lead !
► Pissed
> No kings, no gods, only trains !
> pshhh Hey don’t fart like that without apologies !
> Casey junior ! Hear my call ! honk honk
> I busted the breaks, again. Wait… they were already broken.
> What ?! You don't need a license for that ?!
> Crash sound Oh shit !

HypeTrainPissed1 (Sound)

HypeTrainPissed2 (Sound)

HypeTrainPissed3 (Sound)

HypeTrainPissed4 (Sound)

HypeTrainPissed5 (Sound)

HypeTrainPissed6 (Sound)

HypeTrainReady (Sound)

HypeTrainWhat1 (Sound)

HypeTrainWhat2 (Sound)

HypeTrainWhat3 (Sound)

HypeTrainWhat4 (Sound)

HypeTrainWhat5 (Sound)

HypeTrainWhat6 (Sound)

HypeTrainYes1 (Sound)

HypeTrainYes2 (Sound)

HypeTrainYes3 (Sound)

HypeTrainYes4 (Sound)

HypeTrainYes5 (Sound)

HypeTrainYesAttack1 (Sound)

HypeTrainYesAttack2 (Sound)

HypeTrainYesAttack3 (Sound)

HypeTrainYesAttack4 (Sound)

HypeTrainYesAttack5 (Sound)