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This was origionaly a blue geomerge from the Covenant hunter model by GotGunz. so I edited it a bit to look more hunter like. the edit on the skin is credit to me but the rest of the model and blue stuff is GotGunz. THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU GOT THE COVENANT HUNTER MODEL Path is:Textures\Hunter.BLP

furbolg, fur, hunter

Hunter2 (Texture)

THE_END: A hunter that I am not approving!
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
First, i'd like to say i'm rather happy to see that you skin a custom skin, maybe you used the original skin or not, but its always fun to skin a brand new model, if you be the first skinning it, there is no reference, only those weird triangle schemes, it's always here the hardest to skin, at the default status, where you take your clay and model your skin into something bad/good. there are omnipresent highlights and shadow, try doing more shadows, but at concentrated points, not everywhere. his face is blank add shading with a small brush here. take note that there is bones and noses, and cheeks and fat, all those make very high shading values.

heck, i dont know from what that got merged, but i don't wanna know.

the hairs are horrible you did a first layer of peanut butter-like style and added few brown crack lines. open up the DH uv map ( skin file ) and look how the hairs are made, or open up arthas and take a look too. the hairs are important, take care of them.

your skin looks like very blank, other from the blue, add more stuff, or add fur, but add something, something noticeable :p

beauty : 1/5 look above
effort( most important thing) : i think it be somewhat high, you took a brand new model, and probably dont know how the skin wraps around this, its a good initiative to skin new models. also you seemed to love doing it, its noticeable by MINOR shading, and some stylizing of it, you added orange hairs.

concept: i think it's a concept with potential, the art itself may not have potential, but that big furry ball with a megaman gun and a shield looks funky :D

improve the shading, its very very important skill to learn, do all what you can to futher learn this skill and pratice a lot if you love skinning wich i think you really do.
Level 5
Jun 17, 2004
ok first wormskull STFU and kill yourself. number 2 I dident put much detail into it because you cant really see the major detail parts wich is on his belly and his belly is covered. and if you idiots ever played halo you would know so go hump a wall.
Level 2
Aug 4, 2004
Man wormskull u dumb new member u go around dissing everyones hard work and say its shit well lets see u make something so we can diss ur hard work and say its shit huh? just shut up it may not look theb est but ppl work hard on it and are proud of theor work untill someone liek u diss them leave them alone! but ya drunkentroll much better then got gunz skin it looks more liek a hunter now :)
Level 1
Aug 16, 2004
I think it's pretty good actually, seeing that nobody else has ever tried making a Hunter, so until anyone else can make a better one, it's a 4/5. :D