Hunted Down - [Looking for Help]

Level 22
Jul 25, 2009
I started terraining a competitively inclined survival map a few days ago, and I quickly realized I wasn't going to make this map on my own, so this thread is for recruitment purposes, I'll detail everything about the map, and what I'm looking for in team members.

The background is, annually, the Dominion holds a contest in which six of the galaxy's finest fighters are invited to an abandoned city, which is surrounded by water, and electric fences (alcatraz style xD). Inside the city, there are hapless hordes of Zerg waiting to be spawned from the center of the map to chomp down on your warm bones. In the city are 2 helipads, which correspond with the game modes... Team Survival, or Survival.

In Team Surv, one team starts at the north-west helipad, and one starts at the south-east helipad. Both teams can go wherever they please unrestricted, but cannot kill each other in order to get ahead, they can only sabotage one another's plans, if they aren't busy running from Zerglings.

The team with the most number of surviving members at the end of the game wins, if both teams have the same amount of members, tiebreakers will be added, kills, score, etc. If no one survives to the end of the game, it results in a tie, and you can play again.

In Survival, three players spawn at each helipad (same as teams), but only the last man standing wins, and you help each other out last the other players. After a certain point in the game, if there is more than one survivor, it becomes an all out deathmatch, and you can finally try and gun down your opponents. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

And the difficulties are basic, Normal, Hard or Insane.

The time limit, I haven't decided on it yet but I was thinking.

30 minutes for team games in the final.

30 minutes for survival games is the sub-final, after this period you can kill your enemies if they still draw breath, and there is no final time, until only one man remains.

The Zerg will get more powerful and more numerous as time goes on of course. And you can select from a multitude of preset characters, with preset weapons and abilities ex. of two I have come up with.

The Trooper: an honorary member of the Dominion's many military sections, boasting a healthy balance between speed, durability, and damage output. Specializing in rifles and small arms.

The Rogue: a former member of the Mar Sara Separatists. She is equipped with a deadly canister-rifle, stealth technology, and blinding speed, but heavily lacking in durability.

The Criminal: wanted for intergalactic crimes against the Dominion, he has been given a chance to win his freedom. Boasting exceptional output, and good durability, but very poor speed, the Criminal specializes in heavy machine guns.

I was planning some sort of MMO type camera view, using WASD for movement, and left-click as the fire button. But I could be persuaded otherwise.

This is only a temporary thread until, if, I assemble a team, I will create a thread with screenshots, and pretty outline.

As far as who I'm looking for, someone with experience in the Data Editor and/or exceptional triggering skill.

I would be doing all of the terrain, a good quantity of the triggering, and as much of the unit data as I could (I'm Data Editor dyslexic xD).

Thanks for reading.