How to use dps calculator or unit tool 2.0?

Level 3
Jan 19, 2010
I upload this thread in world editor help zone because nobody answer on my question in tools help zone.I dont know how to use dps calculator or unit tool.Can anybody give me full instruction how use it?
Level 18
Jan 21, 2006
I have no idea, but why would you even need to. DPS is simply a ratio of how much damage they do how quickly.

For example, if my unit deals 5-10 damage and attacks at a rate of 0.35 seconds, then:

minDamagePerSecond = (1/0.35) * 5
maxDamagePerSecond = (1/0.35) * 10

The minimum damage is derived from the unit's base damage plus the number of dice. The maximum damage is the unit's damage base added to the number of dice times the number of sides per dice.

In order to achieve a damage of 5 - 15, you could do it a few ways, here's one:
  • Base: 4
  • Dice #: 1
  • Sides #: 11

So, to break it down for you:

minDamagePerSecond = (1 / attackCooldown) * (baseDamage + diceAmount)
maxDamagePerSecond = (1 / attackCooldown) * (baseDamage + (diceAmount * sidesPerDice))

I personally don't see any use to these tools.