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[Mapping] How to: Custom levelable Hero Abilities

Level 5
Oct 4, 2016
Alright Guys i'm trying to show you how to make: Custom levelable Hero Abilities.

Explanation: Since i searched a lot for this, i have never found something really useful about that. Most Tipps were just: "It has something to do with Engineering Upgrade but you gotta figure out on your own." and that's what i did.
So here it is:

Most common Way is to buy Items that "holds" and Ability in it. You need a little Triggers for the Setup but mostly it's (a lot of) work in the Object Editor.

Step 1
Give all of your customizeable Heroes 5 (Dummy) Abilities. In my Example i use Moonglaive because it does exactly nothing except showing an Icon. Be sure to give the Dummy Ability the exact same Amount of Levels as you want your Levelable Abilities to have.
Little Tipp here: Change the Button Position.

Step 2
Depending on your Way of picking the Abilities (1 Ability per Slot like in Custom Hero Arena) or in my Way 4 Normal and 1 Ultimate, you gotta modify your Engineering Upgrade Ability.
For each Ability you want to create you need 1 Engineering Upgrade which replaces the Dummy Ability with your 'End' Ability. If you do use the 4:1 Ability Way you also need to remove the Ability after upgrading but lets leave that aside for now.

Be sure to remove all other Datas from the Engineering Upgrade Ability (Buff) and set everything else to 0 (Movementspeed and Damage Bonus). Also Disable it for each Player to not show an Icon. Yes it will work still.

Step 3
Use a little Amount of Triggers to add the wanted Engineering Upgrade to your Hero and set it to the specific Level of the Slot if you use the 4:1 Way.


What is the 4:1 Way?
It's the way i do it in my Map where you pick 4 Normal Abilities and pick 1 Ultimate separated.

The other Way would be to have 5 separated picking Areas where you just need 1 Level of Engineering upgrade per Ability.

What is Engineering Upgrade?

It's an Ability (of the Hero Tinker) which allows you to "remove or replace" Ability (-Levels) with another Ability (-Level). And while the Hero holds the Engineering Upgrade it replaces the Dummy Ability in the leveling Slot with the Ability you want. (Pretty useful isn't it??)

Be sure to not mix up Things and the Order of the Abilities in the Engineering Upgrade do matter!
The first one is being removed while it adds the 2nd Ability in Order.

If you use the 4:1 Way you also need to replace the 'End' Ability with the Dummy Ability again because 'set Level of Ability' somehow skips through each Level until it reaches the Final so u gotta reverse it.

Sorry for the lack of Images. I created a Testmap therefore. Also my World Editor is in German but i hope you can understand it well.


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Level 5
Oct 4, 2016
There aren't any base Abilities. There is just a dummy placeholder Ability that you can replace with any Ability you want. The Engineering Upgrade only allows you to replace Abilities inside the 'Hero Learn Ability Section'. Thus those Fields needs to be set correctly.

Edit: To work properly you obviously shouldn't replace it with any other Ability but with another Hero Ability with the same Amount of Levels.


Tutorial Reviewer
Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
I have a few issues.

Firstly, I think the title is misleading and the introduction does not explain what exactly the tutorial is about. I have to run the test map to understand what the end goal was.
Secondly, if you remove the FaQ the tutorial is very short and I would consider it too simple.
Thirdly, there are quite a few grammar error
Lastly, I think there are many overall improvements to be done in terms of layout/structure but I consider this a minor thing relative to the other points.

Graveyarded for now as I think this needs a fairly big rework. I would be happy to put it back and reconsider if updates are made.