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How to change attack index

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Level 10
May 28, 2011
This only damage the target instantly. I want to make the attack type change to magic. Is this possible?

Edit: pharaoh: how about if the hero has another transform ability such as ethereal form? what will happen? :\
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Then you might want to make a check, before you use that system. Check when the unit "enters" the ethereal form:

  • OPrd
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Is issued an order with no target
    • Conditions
      • (Issued order) Equal to (Order(etherealform))
    • Actions
      • Unit Group - Add (Triggering unit) to EtherealGroup
Now, when your hero is supposed to have their attack type changed, you can make this check:
  • ((Triggering unit) is in EtherealGroup) Equal to True
Make the transformation and add the ability called "Ethereal" to your unit, to retain the ethereal form in your new unit-type (which is changed through the system I linked).
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