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How do you add animated fire?

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Level 65
Dec 23, 2013
Greetings, swazelets and swazeenies... 'Tis I, Dave.

I come to you now with a question, how would one such as I add a fire behind Olde-School Sauron's Mask, gentlemen?


I found a texture, but no base model nor screenshot to work with, so I looked at the skin and piece by piece I made what I think they were going to make.

The texture-size is horrifyingly low, as it bloody-well should be. Being one who likes low-poly/texture size, this seemed like a good thing to pick up while Wrath of the Kaiser is stuck.
First of all, wow, that model. It's gonna look great when it's done.

Second, look for... Textures/Clouds8x8Fire.blp
Once you've imported it, set up a Particle Emitter node, with the "rows" and "columns" sections set to 8 each. Look for Head (Life Span) and Head (Decay), and type these in their respective fields
00 33
32 64
1 1

That should provide you with an animated fire particle emitter.

Also, I would suggest adding Billboarded planes where the head, chest, thighs and biceps are, with either team glow, or a Geoset Animation-colored particle texture.
Either right click the bone you want to bind it to, and select "Create Particle Emitter 2", or right click a pre-existing Particle Emitter to move it Up, Down, Left or Right, until it is attached to the bone you wanted.

Look at how arms and legs are arranged, you should be able to tell when the Emitter is where you want it.
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