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How Can I Cover The Entire Map In Grass?

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Level 7
Aug 13, 2007
Could you give us more information, or screenshots of the actor for the grass?

There really isn't much to it.

This is how I've tested out the model so far.

libNtve_gf_UnitSetVariation(lv_u, "DynamicGrassAgria", lv_i, "");

This function when not given a texture "" uses the models default texture. Even so I have looked for the grass texture and not been able to find it. I'm not sure if maybe my editor is just messed up or something about the grass being dynamic means it normally uses a generated texture... I don't know. The problem is it appears black ingame.

Attached pic related.


  • Black Grass.png
    Black Grass.png
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Dr Super Good

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Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
The only efficient way to do this would be to break the map into grass units. These units represent an area of grass. As these units get "more eaten", they remove grass actors from around their area. Likewise, when they "regrow" they respawn grass actors randomly in their area.
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