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Just another warcraft 3 icon. My first icon this year 2017. I think I lost my skills on digital painting :/ I've been busy recently, but I take a chance to do something like this. :) Enjoy!

Tags: #EquusCaballus #ungulate #mammals #animals #animal #war #knight #wild #Equidae #ruminant #tamed #warmachine #unit #horshoe #grass #farm #graze #saddle

Horse (Icon)

The shading could use some small improvements. But it looks good enough and, undoubtedly, it depicts a horse. I would like to add(for those who do not yet know) that drawing horses(and, generally, drawing animals) isn't an easy hypothesis. Approved.
Sample fur from a picture in a transparent layer for texture overlay or sample fur from a picture for a custom brush or just download some fur brushes online.
Nowise!! :(
We love freehand here! -> Fortunately, the rules support us in this direction(to a certain extent).