Hive Workshop Cup finals

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Apr 5, 2011

Attention everyone!
Here's information regarding the Hive Workshop Cup.
  • Maps selected for the final event: Brightwater Oasis and Gold Port.
  • These two maps will not be bannable. Otherwise, standard banning procedure.
  • First two rounds of the cup will be played on Friday, starting 17:00 CEST. Half of the games in each round will be played simultaneously.
  • Semifinals, 3rd place game and Final will be played on Saturday, again starting 17:00 CEST. All games on Saturday will be played one after another.
  • All games are Best of 3, except the final which is Best of 5.
  • More info about the tournament on Liquipedia: Hive Workshop Cup


  • (2)Brightwater Oasis 1.04.w3x
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  • (2)GoldPort2.8.2.w3x
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  • HiveCup 2019 BwO +
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Level 11
Apr 5, 2011
Okay people, I'm extremely glad and proud that we pulled it through!
I hope you will pardon me for being concise here.

The tournament has ended, congratulations go to Happy, who won the first place!
Many thanks to all people who participated in the map making contest. Congratulations to mafe and Kai for having their maps selected for the final event!
Thanks to Landmine andremodemo for their work in organising the map contest.
Thanks to the silent hero, x3Demon, helped me immensely with conducting the tournament.
Thanks to everyone involved in ways big or small, from Ralle and Happy to the anonymous viewers of the tournament!

Warcraft III has a wonderful community indeed, and I'm glad we brought parts of it closer together!

Useful links:
Liquipedia page: Hive Workshop Cup
Back2Warcraft cast, day 1 (starts ~5:00:00): Twitch
Back2Warcraft cast, day 2 ((starts ~5:00:00): Twitch
Happy's final day first person:
Hawk's final day first person:
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