High Elf Kael'thas

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as I saw that there were none and I was bored I decided to do it, this is the version of kaelthas high elf, and now, there is no more XD


armor emissive (Texture)

cape diffuse (Texture)

cape emissive (Texture)

High Elf Kael'thas (Texture)

main diffuse (Texture)

main emissive (Texture)

Level 8
May 13, 2020
Simple but you can still see the red emissive writing on his cape.

...and you should fix the red nails problem. Blizz made them weird by putting red there....
Regarding the red I decided to leave it since a blue emissive in a blue layer is not something that is very aesthetically beautiful XD, regarding the error of the nails I had not noticed