Prince Kael'thas

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
" My people must be avenged "

While I don t plan on making warcraft herous or units to much I ve noticed that nobody made an Kael'thas model base on splash arts featuring him in long robes and stuff.
Hope people will find it usefull :)

Base model: BloodMage by Ujimasa Hojo

Added TC alternative , with and without cape versions

Eyes green color will follow on next update but have nt decided yet how to approach the matter

Give credits if you use it!
Model is free to edit as you please!

Kael Alt TC V1. (Model)

Kael NoCape TC V1. (Model)

Prince Kael'thas (Model)

A nice reskin to the Blood Mage. Changes made. Works in-game. Approved!
Level 26
Mar 2, 2019
Could you give him Felo'melorn, for alternate attacks?
Sadly I don t know much about animations, so even if I add the weapon and make some alt animations I don t know if they will look good.
In the future I ll look into it but can t promise anything.I already have a few models that would benefit alot from some custom animations :D