Heroes of Genesia

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Heroes of Genesia

It an action type campaign taking place in Genesia lore.
This version feature :
5 missions
1 minigame
14 playable characters.
Highly destructible environnement
Outstanding sepcial effect.
You can replay the campaign without reseting your character progress.
More mission,more characters and more minigame will be added in the future versions.

You choose a hero in the character selection map.You will start next mission with selected hero.
The game plays like a Beat'em All/RTS. :)
Use A key to perform an attack and D key to trigger a special attack.
Use different suit of A and D combo to perform different special attack.
Kill the Boss to complete a mission.

Credits :
A credit has been added in game.
Musics are from Dynasty warrior 6 by Koei.
Minigame music by JinNjuice from newgrounds.
Credit music by E.S Posthumus.

Pictures :


The campaign require Jassnewgenpack to be opened in world edit.

Changelog :

-custom font removed (it cause war3 fatal error)

-Fixed some other fatal error (nearly fatal error free just some rare bug occurs sometimes)
-Added a new destructible pillar in mission 3
-You're no more able to scroll during intro cinematic
-Modified terrain in Mission 1 and Mission 3
-Modified Kaï ultimate a bit.

-Added a new character Arachna
-Added a new mission

-Fixed a bug with the campaign screen (sometime it reset model and music upon saving dunno why..)

-Added 5 new characters : Ketzual, Gnaraya, Drillmo, Pharaoh, Mushura.
-Remade Shark ultimate.
-Improved terrain in mission 3 and 4.
-Improved character selection screen.
-No longer crash after completing a mission.You have to manualy quit.
-Increased experience requiered to level a little bit.
-no longer play tutorial in first mission if you already played the game.
-Remade map description in loading screen.

-Added Mission 5
-Added Credit map

-Added Army creator
-You can now create an army that will help you in mission using your gold.
-Added an hidden bonus gold coin in each level.
-Improved AI.Using attack no longer perma aggro enemies.

-Fixed Bugged army creator

-Some enemy have a ranged attack vs hero
-updated some effect and models
-improved army creator

Infos :
You use A and D hotkey to play.If these hotkeys are not compatible with your localized Wc3 version you are allowed to edit the campaign just to change hotkey.

Character saved from previous version are compatible with this version.However if you want to have access to new character you will have to reset character stats by click New game button.

I had to emergency fix the Buggy Army creator.Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you wishe to help :

If you played the game you may notice horrible custom icon with smudge abuse that hurt your eyes.Those are made by me.If you wishe to make a better quality icon I will gladly use them.

I'd need a cool looking custom loading screen as well.If you wishe to make one I will gladly use it as well.

Heroes of Genesia, Callahan, Campaign

Heroes of Genesia (Campaign)

23:17, 26th June 2009, by Linaze Entertaining campaign with nice gameplay, rather good terrain and lots of different heroes to pick from, destructible terrain and custom abilities. Approved! Read my full review here.
Level 3
Oct 9, 2010
it will not let me see this map in the selection screen, any suggestions?

EDIT: after posting this i saw the file extension, i thought they where w3x and w3m
w3m being for the origional

so how do i use w3n files?

DOUBLE EDIT: don't matter googled it, its a campaign right?
Level 3
Nov 19, 2009
Here is my review which is very importent since it covers it all:

First thing I look on is grammar, the grammar was ok for a short french dude but it could be improved alot.
Respect the world by turning your grammar to perfect, Add dots and ,,,'s.
Pig peoples: Unexeptable, its very wrong in so many reason. Try calling them hmm porky dudes or maybe backstreet hogs.
In overall the grammar isn't that good and only recives
Grammar 2.5/5.
The interface means alot in every map and every creator tries to make his interface the best he can.
The fact you made it base on dynasty warriors (Read ahead) is very very cool, I'm a fan of Koei's hack n' slash and its very awsome.
Maybe a arrow key movement of setting with WASD keys and moving the A-D keys to J-L.
The interface was awsome in choosing heroes, army making and action. The face command was pretty failure since it won't auto target, maybe adding auto-targeting in 150-200 range will work.
I belive that you tried to make combo as close as possible to Dynasty Warriors and I think you did, But a heading: Each warrior had diffrent animation to every attack, Maybe you can work it out but it will take alot of time.
Interface: 4.7/5.

Very creative but a few pointers:
There is no storyline.
No lore.
No character description which realy disappointed me and pissed me off.
No army description (Read above).
No info about allies/enemys.
In other words:
Creativity: 1.2/5.

A player always looking for the most awsomest of the awsomest awsome maps.
You have made the dream of some players, but other like me aren't impressed enough, you need to have more juice in your map, a meat or in other words; awsomnest.
awsomnest which your map lacks:
Awsomnest: 2.1/5

Imported stuff/Custom stuff:
Every hero had custom model/skin which was impressive, custom icons were awsome and custom abilities were even awsomer.
The music was great, A dynasty warriors music always makes me happy on hack 'n slash.
My love for Koei's hack n' slash is more then any other hack n' slash game ever.
You made me feel young again said the old blizzard skins and models:
Custom Stuff: 4.7/5.

Nothing but pure goodness. I got no words to fill all what I want to say about the abillities, I don't have enough time to say how much I liked them so just have this:
Abilites: 4.9/5.

Total score: 3.7/5 (Average)
Good job, You got most score by interface, models and abillites but nothing els, Improve your stuff and come back later. I didnt say anything about the maps because its pre-beta and it will come bigger and stronger someday.
Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
No, sicne this is more of fighting game, zahav, it's not immportant to have some very greatl lore about everything, it's just immportant to have bright, memorisable characters. HoG has it.
pig people is better than your suggestions, once again...
Oh, and awesomenes is spelled awesomeness...

So you know, I wouldn't say your review is really objective... no offence, though...
Level 8
Apr 23, 2011
cool map with awesome gameplay, finished it with fenris. o yea why does the enemies is always targeting me when im low health? it keeps me dead on the first level and on the last one. and here's a bug:
when i used fenris' 3rd skill(the thing that you go ice and charge forward) near boundaries it never stops going and when on the cliffs pressing A it continues going forward even to boundaries heres a pic: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/205149-albums4666-picture46784.html
Level 8
Apr 23, 2011
i would like to get your attack system its so cool it would be good for alternating attacks. by the way i get irritated by the character moving while attacking can you disable it? just my opinion but you can keep it that way... anyways good campaign :D




Awesome campaign.

My Review

The plot is measured somewhere between "WTF is going on, who am I, who are you lunatics.." and Schwarzenegger's movie scripts. I mean, you are some guy and are allied with some guys and all you know is that you got a big weapon, a ton of enemies and a few skills to press. Yeah, that makes for a good map. Plus the fact that you can literally undo the terrain, just by swinging at them. That takes skill... A-D-D!

Things I noticed

-Almost every loading screen description has either a spelling error or makes no sense. I remember one "pierce a breach" - it makes more sense to say, blow a hole, puncture a hole, crash the gate, obliterate the wall than that line. It made me laugh... that's not even broken english, it just makes no sense

-The plot and the lines you wrote are hilarious. Its totally like every action packed movie involving Rambo, Terminator or Jackie Chen. Scenes shift suddenly, once you are fighting with tauren at who knows where, next you are allied with ninjas in a bamboo forest! Fighting chinese skeletons! And there are murlocs there... I love it! No sense in the story after all.

-After Episode 1d I started to die... because I realized that the chinese skeletons threw shurikens at me that did more damage than me. I died few times, restart the mission and managed to stay behind to survive it all. But then those murlocs would follow me everywhere ... and there weren't enough of those blood orbs around. Just saying - why no healing waves in the 1d episode?

Overall I give it 10/10 even though I haven't completed the campaign because I kept dying. But I love the map. Its like every movie Rambo made, I came, they died everyone is happy.

Great fun!

Oh and I can make you a loading screen. Not sure if you'll like it, cuz I only know photoshop enough for my needs.
Level 6
May 23, 2011
Im having some problems with Arachna theres a little chance that its bugged cuz on the fisher village when i do the combination A+A+A+D it uses the first spell (not aways) but on most cases it doesnt even work she just stares in there.
dunno if im doing it wrong or sumthing but id like that you check it out to see if theres any error in there :goblin_yeah:
Level 1
Feb 21, 2011
One of the things that can be improved is to add a special effect to each combo so that we would use them 'till the last mission, I mean each time I learn a new combo, previous combos become useless for most of the characters, the only character (I played only as 4 of them up to now) which I used all the skills up to the draken boss, was the effrit.
Btw, if u can add 2-4 hp rej to the characters or make enemies drop more blood orbs, I'll be gratefull, enemies' damage compared to characters' hit points are reaaaaally DEVASTATING.
Loved the campaign nonetheless :thumbs_up:, new and inspirational ideas are used and my favorite character is mushura:ogre_love: