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Long time I didn't post anything there(thx homework -.- )I did this skin for the Starcraft mod I'm workin' on.He's the Draconien's Fallen, a powerfulll ranged unit which poisonned his ennemies. Enjoy and don't forget credits if u use it. Oh yeah, 100% freehand :) Textures\HeroDemonHunter.blp

Draconien, draco, starcraft, demon, hunter, demonhunter, evil, illidan

HeroDemonHunter (Texture)

THE_END: Great skin, that face is so crazy evil
Level 3
Oct 9, 2004
This one is pretty good. I especially like the face.

I don't know how it'll fit into Starcraft, but it's still a damn good skin. :)
Level 9
May 10, 2004
overall good job, but you got lazy as well :p
Generally it looks nice, except for the armor, seems too "simple", compared to the rest.

Also, it should at least look worn, to preserve the post-apocalyptic look the rest already has :)
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
i doubt his hairs or the icon are 100% freehanded, especially the icon, its a 100% cnp. on the other hand, the freehanding job on a global scale seems good, but i'd pay an attention on his tights opening where there is something not really recognizable with red lines on it. his stomatch area have a nice corset concept. on the skin, it looks like you got somewhat loosy and lazy.
you might have wanted to pay more attention to his neck area, where its poorly detailed and shows up very bad in the portrait. his face is spooky, but id pay attention to the nose, it looks strange, along with his red lips. i dont suggest doing black n white teeths like you did, it looks rather cartoonish and far from reality.