Hero Push 3.5

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Hero Push 3.53 Public Version.
Hotkeys: QWER ASDF YXCV - based on German KB.
CMDs: -cam xxxx (3000 is preset) -afk (1 full control, 2 movement)
Setup: 2v2v2v2. 1 Hero & autospawning units 20% is controlable.
Red & Blue Vs Teal & Purple Vs Yellow & Orange Vs Green & Pink
1 Team in each corner of the map, battles in bases and on the 4(8) lines.


At the start there will be a vote of All Random Heroes + 1 -repick
or Singel Draft 1(2) of 4 randomed no repicks.

Heroes start with 3 Items: (3)Scroll of Town Portal (Instant TP to your base for hero only)
Enhanced Amulet +5stats & Boots of Speed+40


After you have your heroes your first objective is to kill your Hartog Worshipper (The starting creep). You start at Tier 0 with militas.
Tier 1 (T1) cost 1000
Tier 2 (T2) cost 1350
T3 2250
T4 4000
T5 10.000
On T5 you can also open the Sky Portal 7000 for a racial air unit.
You can pick one of the 8 races and swap to another race on the same tier as your currently on:

Human (Y)
Racial upgrade: Sofistication: 5dmg, 1armor.

Orc (X) Racial upgrade: Berserker Strenght: 5dmg, 80health.

Night Elf (C) Racial upgrade: Improved Range: 5dmg, 25range.

Undead (V) Racial upgrade: Frenzy: 7% attackspeed, 15movement.

Naga (F) Racial upgrade: Deep Sea Magic: 70mana, mana-reg.

Demon (D) Racial upgrade: Blood Thirst: 3dmg, 3%attackspeed, 5movement, 30health.

Blood Elves (S) Racial upgrade: Sunwell Essence: 4dmg, 40health, 40mana.

Beasts (A) Racial upgrade: Beastly Rage: 4dmg, 4%attackspeed, 5movement.


Upgrades: Dmg (Q) each upgrade increase the total dmg of 8% 15 upgrades is the max without the upgrade Forbidden Damage. which enables 15 more for a total of 30.
Armor (W) upgrades increase the total armor and the magic resistance.
Life (E) increase the total health.
Racial Upgrades (R) Boost your main units and all extra units you have that gains from that upgrade as seen on tooltips.
(All hotkeys are based for when you have your main base selected)

Extra spawns: you can have up to 5 in total extra spawning units from Centers. Those from the Mercenary Center are units that work for every race, the other units from the Training Center works best with the race for whom have the same racial upgrades.
You also get the Stolen Contract that enables you to get 1 extra mercenary for 6 in total. So at max you can have 8 units spawning.
1 Main, 1Racial air, 6mercenaries.

There is depending on how you view things 2 ways to play.
1: Going units e.i. you fokus on making your units stronger.
2: Going hero e.i. you fokus on making your hero stronger.
Doing both will just make both weaker then your enemies.

There is of course alot if difrent playstyles and you can twist your gameplay each game however you want, however your hero matters even if you dont spend any money on it. For example if you have an Trueshot aura you should prob not go for a race with only or alot of melee since they will not gain by your aura.

Quest Log (F9) Have alot of info, explaintions & tips.
We are on discord aswell - Clan wTc

Current Version also Hosted on:
wTc_HBot1 on all BNet servers and several others like:
ICCUP, w3arena, Mambu, Garena, europe.warcraft3.eu, Rubattle.net.
and some I might have forgotten.
/whois wTc_HBot1 on BNet for current gn.
On other non Bnet servers IDK how to Search for games/bots/hosts.
(If someone can tell me plz do and I'll add it here too.)


Known bugs on current version:
The Item Doomhammer, when a hero is killed with it it gives way more gold then it should.
(good for test games tho since you dont have to wait so long for all the gold.)

Are those Videos we made with Gagoo.
And where wTc[Dragon] Plays with him and explain the map.
Are sevral other videos too.

Welcome! May you have a wormTastic game! GL & HF
May The Force Be With You
(Hero Push = The Force)

Hero Push 3.5 (Map)

Does that mean you are not the original author? If not, credit him. Please hide the screenshots as they take up more than the screen. Scroll down to/search for spoiler/hidden tags here: BB Codes | HIVE Don't think it's necessary to show shots of the...


Map Reviewer
Level 57
Jun 4, 2009
Yes from toggys version on Outland tileset when Dragon brought the ice age with him
Does that mean you are not the original author? If not, credit him.

Please hide the screenshots as they take up more than the screen. Scroll down to/search for spoiler/hidden tags here: BB Codes | HIVE
Don't think it's necessary to show shots of the loading screen and lobby.

1. Terrain is basic. More tiles, less flatness and doodad variation could make it look better.
2. Some heroes don't have hero glow. You can add one to them: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
3. Not sure if you should be able to buy items from your enemy's bases.

Honestly, it's basically Footman Frenzy.



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Jul 15, 2016
@deepstrasz if you played the map you would know that most of what you asked for has been done alrdy. (I mean like the first picture have them both listed.)
So that information is given to you right away no need to take it from a comment about made up reasons for the change in the look :)
Stuff like that/this is also told in the vids if you watched them.
And yes you are able to buy items from all bases. And about what custom stuff has been used I cant really list cuz I dont know you gota ask toggy whos not really around anymore or dragon :)
And no filling the map with doodads would just add size to the map we have been trying to keep as small as posible :)

Not totaly needed to show the lobby no but just to show example for newcommers so that they dont feel lost. And the loading screen is & was kinda needed since you even had questions that were handled by it :p
And what heroes dont glow? you have a list :)?
Its simular to Footies yes but if you think they are the same you need to play both of them more xD fg

Overall I'll rate this rating a 3/5 for an ok job done but could have been better, It's basically a DLer :)

But ye Thanks for the first rating :)