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Hero Icon Problem

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Level 1
May 24, 2010
I've never made a map but I have some basic World Editor Knowledge
Anyway, I want to make a new race and I'm taking everything slowly and I already have a problem.

I have a hero, which has a custom model
Because it's custom, I also want the Icon to be custom
I replaced the normal icon with the custom one, but when the hero dies, the icon becomes green.

I have the icon for when the hero is dead, I imported it, but I don't know where to put it to work.

Can you help me?
Level 7
Jun 14, 2009
You need a passive version, essentially a second icon.
alternatively, you couldnt use the basic one, and change its path
Level 11
Aug 1, 2009
dude you need some DISBTN type of icon.
Download this tool there http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/tools.php?id=88kxc5
Then after you download it extract.
You can do any icon on the map with this baby.
Now Open your icon with this tool then click the "Button"
and save it now open your import manager on world editor and import the two icons. (The two icons must be name BTN(Name).blp and DISBTN(Name).blp)
After importing them right click the BTN(Name).blp and click Modify File Properties or you can double click it. After that Click the box beside "Use Custom Path". Then at the Full Path Name it like this
Ok your done with the BTN(Name).blp now for the DISBTN but this time you change the Full Path Name to ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTN(Name).blp
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