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Hero Glow/Hero Revive Cost

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Level 5
Jan 23, 2005
K, I got the hero glow model from here - http://hiveworkshop.com/resources_new/models/80/

And then I followed these Instructions from the topic I found a link to that page on
Instructions said:
1) You find a hero glow model
2) You make a base ability off of Life Regen Aura (Life Well thingy)
3) Set all of its data stuff to "0" so it doesn't do anything
4) Set the "Art - Target" to the hero glow model
5) Give the ability to the unit

So, I now have the ability as a default active, and it shows the aura as a plain brown, not the color of the player. Help?

Also, I can't seem to find a hero revive cost, because I need to set it to 0, while right now, it seems to be at 700/800 don't remember. (Buy price for hero is 1900)
Level 9
Jun 18, 2004
For your first problem, I'd suggest getting rid of that silly Life Regen Aura and save yourself trouble by giving him the "Sphere" ability. This is an incredible useful ability, used by the Blood Mage to create those balls around his head. Basically it allows you to make attachements without worrying about dummy spells. Now, whenever the Hero is needed on the map, simple make a Trigger that re-applies his own color.

  • Actions
    • Unit - Change color of (Triggering unit) to (Color of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))
Like so. This will change the color of the Special Effect to match the hero.

Secondly, Hero "Revive" and "Awaken" are different. If memory serves, Awaken is the instance buy from Neutral, and Revive is the normal. Twiddle around with those in the Gameplay Constants.

Hope this helps,

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