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Level 2
Feb 2, 2015
since i never played any console and always been pc fan because strategy games mods and first person shooting games
but my laptop is old i can hardly run any games even old games like far cry 2004 lags in my computer and now i mostly play w3 and new unpopular game is mix between risk/homm
is best risk game i played ever in pc not gonna compare it to boardrisk game
but since i played pc games that my computer can run and getting tired of them i have 3 choice buy the cheap old console like wii or xbox 360 or ps3 or buy laptop or new consoles
i want to buy old console vbut the problem is there all discontinued those that mean i cant play online??

if you guys dont know what i mean when console get more than 10 years old it gets discontinued dont believe searc internet
Level 7
Feb 9, 2014
I have told you the consoles will never die for some reasons at least in my country are more popular, there will alwyas be games like FiFa PeS and others who will keep audient of COnsoles high