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Help with some spells

Discussion in 'Triggers & Scripts' started by Drain Pipe, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Drain Pipe

    Drain Pipe

    Apr 9, 2004
    Ok so i'm making a hero called the dwarven driller (or something like that) and i'm a little stuck on how to make 2 moves i was going to make for him.

    1) Tunnel: The Dwarver driller dives into the ground, drilling a small tunnel which he can use for access for a short period of time. Basically, i want to make a tunnel like what was made in the RotD campaign but only for a short period.

    I'm not sure if this is possible and although i know other ways of doing it, i'd rather do it this way to make it more useable to both sides of a hero team and allow for underground combat or such. I figured i could make a dummy polymorph which made them into an invis flying model which could travel through the alloted space and if it came near one of the ends, be reversed and sent out.

    2) Hive Dive: Basically, my dwarven guy jumps up in an arc twirling onto an alloted spot. He drills into the ground and any units cought close enough will take dmagae until he burries himself. Afterwards, he can move up to 500 distance and dive up, dealing AoE and specific target damage to all units (and more to the specific target.

    Now here's the thing, i figured out an easy way of making his diving animation, that being to remove him from sight as if blasting off too high to be seen to give him the element of suprise, and then making a flipped model going down for the attack. and changing once he hits the ground. However, i want to make it so that it he lands on a target, he will start to drill through that target, dealing enormous damage to the target until it moves out of the way, and then continuing to drill underground, and finish the spell.

    If anyone can help me with these two spells, or help with the model of the hero (see requests) please post.