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[Solved] Help with prison-like spell {ice blocks as pathing blockers}

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Level 12
Aug 12, 2008
I currently creating an ability for my map which the name is Imprisonment.
The ability creates ice block surrounds the target area, causing enemies cannot move in and out from the target area. Lasts for 4 seconds. Each level increases the duration and area of effect by 1 and 50 respectively.
I want to make it in trigger instead of JASS as I know nothing about JASS yet.
- I don't know whats good to be the blockers
- I don't know how to create the ice blocks to surrounds the target area

Helps are deeply appreciated. :grin:
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
How about destructibles called "pathing blockeres"? Seems logical, no? :p

The rest isn't that hard either.

Let's look at a circle (because you want a circle around the target area to form, right?)
The circumference (length of the circle) is 2 * PI * radius. Usually (not always), the radius represents the AoE (so the ACTUAL area will be double what the description says).

For example: you've got an AoE of 500.00. This means that our circumference will be 2 * pi * 500 = 3142.59.
Now, the size of a pathing blockers is 64x64. So if we divide 3142.59 by 64, we get... about 49.
Conclusion: we need 49 pathing blockers to complete our circle (and make it unpassable).

I've attached a demo-map where you can look at the practical results, you can change the AoE to see how the system changes with it.
Everything that might be confusing, or is just really important, has been commented. If there's something you still don't understand, ask away.
Good luck!


  • Prison Demo.w3x
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