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Help with custom ability: Frost Aura

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Deleted member 152855


Deleted member 152855

Hello everyone.

I am momentarily trying to create a custom abilty for an Ice Revenant hero.

The basic idea:

Frost Aura (passive)

Causing slow (speed & attack) on units attacked BY the Revenant


Causing slow (speed & attack) on units ATTACKING the Revenant.

Right now, I am deeply confused as to which buffs to use, which ability to copy as basis, ...

Any help is much appreciated.


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Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
Both effect gained why hero gains new ability called 'Frost aura' yes?
So create dummy spell book, add to it cold attack ability (similar one which frost wyrm and necropolis own).
Use trigger that adds and disables the spellbook ability making passive cold attack insivisble. Remember that this action does not cause cold attack to be disabled too.

About slow when units attack you.. There are few ways: You can either create dummy unit which will cast Slow spell on attackers, or (what I recommend) create 1 dummy unit which casts Frost Armor spell on you.
Remember to set duration for this 'Frost Armor' spell casted by dummy to 0 - buffs with nulled duration last permanently.
  • init
    • Events
      • Unit - Gains new ability
    • Conditions
      • Learned hero skill) Equal to Frost Aura
    • Actions
      • Unit - Add dummy spellbook to (Triggering unit)
      • Player - Disable dummy spellbook for (Owner of (Triggering unit))
      • Set tempp = (Position of (Triggering unit))
      • Unit - Create 1 dummy for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) at temp facing Default building facing degrees
      • Unit - Add 1.00 generic expiration timr to (Last created unit)
      • Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Undead: Lich - Frost Armor (Triggering unit)
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Deleted member 152855

Hmm... the tornado's Slow Aura could be used with a really small effect radius,
but that wouldn't reduce the effect to attacked/attacking.

I usually prefer to use as less triggers as possible.
Besides, using the "dummy caster" way, wouldn't the frost aura then be dispel-able?
Level 15
Jul 9, 2008
use a damage detection system

make a dummy ability off slow

then the triggers would be somthing like

unit is atked
if ur ability for rev is not 0
and atked unit is = to rev
create dummy unit and order it to cast the dummy slow on the unit

make the ability bassed off cold attack
Level 33
Mar 27, 2008
Causing slow (speed & attack) on units attacked BY the Revenant
Based on Orb of Slow/Frost Base Ability

Causing slow (speed & attack) on units ATTACKING the Revenant.
Frost Armor (perhaps make an exception that it will affects melee units only?)

Or if you want both of the buff to be stacked, you should use Frost Armor + Slow ability
Both of these buffs can be stacked, so if there is 20% slow for each ability, the affected unit will have a reduction of total 40% attack and movement speed.

Overall, use Damage Detection System for perfectly "upon hit" system.
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