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HELP - Stuck

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Level 2
Aug 9, 2008
Hello, i've been searching for proper tools to edit a model


trying to alter that so I can remove Illidan's panda blades
I've downloaded the following programs so far...
Warcraft 3 model editor
Mdx Pather
Warcraft3 Viewer
Photoshop CS3 trial
MPQ extractor
WC3 image extractor
BLPTGABLP (blp to tga)
MDL Converter

I've tried all of these but I haven't had any success
Level 31
Apr 17, 2009
That's the way of texturing.
If you want to do it by modelling get Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modify, Magos Model Editor and the MDLX Converter.
Open Model Editor
Click on Window
Click on MPQ-Browser
Click on File
Choose war3.mpq (units and textures of ROC)
Choose war3x.mpq (units and textures of TFT) This time we choose war3x
DoubleClick on Units
DoubleClick on NightElf
DoubleClick on EvilIllidan
RightClick on Illidan.mdx
Choose Export
Save it somewhere (I prefer Desktop)
If you have the MDLX converter as an icon on the desktop drag the exported .mdx file onto the icon of the converter for converting to .mdl
Open Vertex Modify
You might get an error, that you should use periods instead of commas
If so find the thread where this problem is solved, or look on Oinkerwinkles webpages under tutorials a tutorial to fix it
Find all little points (called Vertex (plural=Vertices)) that belong to the weapon and delete them
If you've done this, save it
You could open it in the ModelEditor for looking if all was deleted
If all is away drag and drop the weaponless file onto the converter again to convert to .mdx
Last step, just import to world editor


Greets chilla_killa
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