Help me with the Trigger thing and some stuff...

Level 2
Jun 10, 2011
Yo guys..

TIM here anyway I seem not to get how to make triggers work and I dont really get the dice damage either in warcraftworldedit..

It's like all so complicated cause I've been using it for quite some time I still dont get it.:vw_wtf:

I wanted to know how. So uhh I'am asking some help from you guys.
Level 12
Oct 10, 2009
Wanted to know how to use Triggers? Correct me if I am wrong...

But anywho. Take a look at this section in order to get started: Tutorial (Link)
The forum that has been linked to you contains several tutorials on how to use GUI (Also known as triggers) These were a big help to me when I first started, and so I hope that they will be a big help for you also.

Also, as an obligatory message seeing how you are a new user on hives; People that help you appreciate it if you +rep your helpers.