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Help Me With Morph Spell !

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Level 4
Jul 14, 2006
I am creating a morph hero for a map. All of his abilities are morph abilities. THe first one i created was absed on "medev's crow form". WHen i tested it alone it worked fine. After i created another spell based on "druid of the claw's bear form", i figured they were two different spell? Well anyways they totally screwed up when together. Then i deleted the one from "druid of the claw" and based the new one on "burrow" when i tested i tried this: I click "Morp into archer (based on burrow)" and it worked fine, all i saw was the turn off icon. THen i morphed back to normal and continued to morph into the "crow". I got into the crow form alright, but i still saw the "morph to archer" icon. NOT COOL.
Not open for further replies.