Help Me In My World Editor!

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Oct 24, 2006
If your World Editor worked before, but now it hasn't, then here are some things to do:

- Backup everything necessary, including maps, campaigns, AI and others, since youll be reinstalling Wc3.

- Go reinstall your Wc3 copy.

- Then try it out again..

If still this doesn't work, one of the files in Wc3 CD is corrupt or it cant run because there's a file missing thats needed for WE to run.
Level 4
Dec 16, 2007
After ReInstalling,make sure to update the version to the fullest and If you don't have Original CD Key then copy and paste this File (found below) on your Warcraft III Folder

This may not be the latest version but this is the least I can do.
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