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Heavy White Fog

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Level 9
Apr 7, 2010
hi guys. any trigger that would be best put a fog or mist for an area which is not visible in a zombie survival map.

i need something really visible and could hide enemy units

Environment - Set sky to Fogged Sky
Environment - Create at (Entire map) the weather effect Dungeon White Fog (Heavy)
Visibility - Enable fog of war
Visibility - Enable black mask

but having this triggers, my map still isn't scary enough.
Level 17
Nov 13, 2006
i got it but now i got problem with light, its 1 thing i dont got the light model just a another tourch model, but the area where have light it is pretty small with the in game tourch :/

also possible make transition between day and night because its instantly everything black except a very small area around tourch
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