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Heaven & Hell idea

Level 25
Jun 5, 2008
Contest based on a small map featuring heaven and hell theme.
Heaven - An custom 4 holy heroes with custom spells, and Heaven terrain and map look.(grass,bunnies,etc.)
Hell - An custom 4 evil heroes with custom spells, and Heaven terrain and map look.

The idea is to post maps and vote for the most contrast looking maps. This would include map terraining, creatures, doodads, heroes(the more contrast the better), and spells with half heaven half hell look.
This may but doesn't include modeling and skinning, and doesn't give extra point for the modelers and skinners if they use their spells.
The main point is to create something refreshing, not just use Death Knight with death coil as your hero, all heroes must be custom, with custom spells. Events like meteor shower, healing rays, and such give bonus points.
On the end map that shows the heaven and hell the most better wins, in that criteria maps are judged seperately, first the heaven look, and after that the hell look.

May not be the best idea for the contest, but it is at least somewhat original.