Clan Hell vs Heaven

Level 6
May 3, 2006
well lately ive been working on a warcraft Hell vs Heaven, i hate the other hell vs heaven games becuz of their crappy spell descriptions and 99999 damage 1000 stuns spells and crappy triggers. This Hell vs Heaven isturning out great, ive got skins n custom models, i create my own icons and use others and ive got a bunch of cool heros done. (i know all the custom skins n icons wont make the game any better but they look cool ^^)

I was just wondering if anyone had any cool idea for my map, its 5vs5, p1-p5 spawn in their *heaven base* and p6-p10 spawn in *the hell base*. Each side has different creeps and a bosses. Demons on hell side, beasts on heaven. You need a total of 20 hero kills to win so teamwork is a key, drifting off to train on harder monsters could get you ambushed and killed making the other team 1 point closer to victory.

These are things i need:
Hero Ideas
Spell Ideas
Some trigger help (mabye)
Item ideas
Cool Creep ideas

One other thing, this is really off topic but theres a new patch for Wc3 FT and I cant play right now becuz when i try to go on bnet it makes me dl it and in the middle of the dl it says im missing the "Lost Temple" (melee map)
if some1 could send me the Lost Temple map plz email [email protected]

-Peace/Any ideas or suggestions r welcome!