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[Healer] solo farm build

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Level 2
Jul 2, 2020
Hello fellow healer!

Lets just start with, this is not the best way to farm. Get these items to make farming with your healer much better. (If you do not upgrade items it will be decent farming, but with full tier 2, its real nice)

Core Items:
The only items actually dealing damage to enemies.​
  1. Damp Healing Staff
    As of 1.29o this is the only healer weapon that has an offensive weapon, also its the starter staff so you already have it.


  2. Prophet's Hood (crafted)
    Getting this actually requires crafting. Epic effect really important. Blind effect is really useful on Inner Fire. (Beetles stay put if they can not land a hit)


Optional Items:
The items I use in addition to Core items.

  • Accessory:
    • Hydralis Gauntlets:(Hydralis drop)
      The additional mana helps

    • Vernandi, the Lifebound Roots:(D2 legendary)
      Putting barrier on and extra stats beats anything else you can find as of 1.29o.

  • Chest:
    For chest equipment I just wear my favorite (Seaweed Robe), because its a large amount of heal. Downside is high cost and high cooldown. Essentially choose whatever you prefer.
    • Seaweed Robe:(D1 common drop)
  • Feet:
    In my opinion it comes down to heal or move speed. If you have mount you do not really need move speed. Move speed is Quickness, which is starter boots.
    • Apprentice Boots: (crafted)
      Circle of Healing is a great heal, a bit high cost for solo, but still worth it.
Farming with healer will never be the best at farming, but if you get damage dealing abilities and can keep yourself alive you will be able to farm everything with relative ease.​
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