[3D Art] HD RP models tutorial

Tools needed:
Sets I have already made

Credits to Vulfar for his base model. (I have edited it a lot)

1.Creating a character
  1. Go to WoW model Viewer--->Character--->(race)--->(gender)--->(racegender)_hd.m2
  2. On the right side of the screen you can customize your character.
    • Your character's hair should be short. Longer hair doesn't have animations so they look weird in game.
    • I advice you to use some shirt and only shirt. It will be seen on Portrait, but not in normal model.
  3. File--->Export Model--->OBJ...
  4. Delete .obj and .mtl file.
  5. Open BLP Lab and go to Tools--->Batch converter and convert all exported .png files to BLP1.
  6. You should have now 3 .blp files: body, hair and eyes. Change their names to (start every word with capital letter) (race)_(gender)_Body.blp, (race)_(gender)_Hair.blp and (race)_(gender)_Eyes.blp. In some models like Tauren you have also horns. Just ensure yourself, that you have the same textures names as in model folder.
  7. Open folder with my model and replace its textures to yours.
  8. Open folder "basic textures skins" and choose correct skin color. I advice you to compare them to your body texture. Rename chosen texture to humanmaleskin_hd.blp and replace it with texture in the folder with my model.
2.Hairstyles and beards
  1. Open hairs.mdx in MdlVis and deselect "Show All" (under Geosets: in the right side).
  2. Click Aea(?)--->Textured view.
  3. Now you have to select geosets you're using as your character's hair and moustaches (in some models like Human Male there can be also some beards as "hairs").
  4. Select geosets shown in LOOKatME.png
  5. Right click on the geosets panel and click inverse selection.
  6. Click Cltr+A and later Delete.
  7. Save your model.
  8. Do the same with beards, but this time there are no geosets you have to include.
  9. Open (race)_(gender)_Base_HD_Portrait.mdx and select correct geosets. You have to include ones shown in LOOKatME_Portrait.png. Then inverse selection, delete unused ones and save the file.
3.Importing model into your map

My example map
Just replace all files in my map with files from your folder and you're done!

If you want to create your own set you have to simply make your own texture. You can download its template here. I will not create tutorial like this about it, but I have created video showing you how am I doing it. I hope, it will be enough.

If you want your "basic set" to be something more than just pants you have to replace (race)_(gender)_BaseSkin.blp with its texture made like in point above.

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