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H&S RPG-action based rpg with deptht

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Level 9
Aug 21, 2008
Hack and Slay RPG

An action based RPG with dept.
Break out of the common classes, and play a tank mage, time rouge , knight mage , ice archer-the possibilities end where your imagination ends.



-action based attack:
Instead of autoattacking you have to attack actively:
Just aim and press the attack button.
You will swing your axe,
shoot with your bow,
or attack with your daggers!

-action based spells too:
All spells are instants,which increases the game speed allot.
Casting lighting will strike a random enemy in front of you.
When pressing blade dance, your hero will move shortly forward,
attacking all nearby enemies.
This require some skill to use, but after some time it will be
as easy as the normal "choose target" style

-unique uniques:
The unique Items always offering something really unique,
not just increased stats!
Usually you are able to build them into your playstyle:
Frostmoune creates frost novas on hits, combining with blade dance
creates a some sort of ice dance:grin:.

-overall skill based gamestyle:
H&S rpg have a big learning curve, you are always able to get better.
You think you already the best? Pvp on and show it!



-forming a class needs up to 3 steps:

1)at lvl 2, you choose your first mastery.
Masterys are half classes, which offer a valid playstyle,
but need some support. Every mastery contains 3 combat spells and up to 5
support spells/passives(explained later on)

2) at lvl 10 the interesting parts start:
You choose a second mastery. When you choosed Warface for your first
Mastery, you are now able to choose another one.
If you like common classes you may take Defense, forming a
mighty warrior.
If you want to be more unique, you may choose a magical
mastery as your second. Try to find Synergies among the skills,
and form a big hero!

You are always able to switch your weapon. This allows you to
play a mage with a bow, a warrior with a staff and so on.
Although thats not to important with the common classes, it may
be very important for the hybrids: to continue the example
with the magic warrior, you may use now a 2.handed sword for
big groups of enemies, but use an ice staff vs bosses. Actually
hybrids sacrifice some of their actually fighting power, to be
more flexible. At the first enemy, which is pretty immune to
physical dmg, you will enjoy the flexibility:thumbs_up:


Every Mastery contains 3 combat and 5 support spells/passives.

Combat spells:
Combat spells are spammable spells whit short cooldown. They are NOT in a spellbook and have valid hotkeys like qwe and xcv. You are not forced to use all combat spells, if some are not fitting your playstyle. A melee mage would not use a long range skill, while an archer may not be too much interested in a close combat spell. Usually its still usefully to invest 1 skill point into every skill, cause all spells have some nice side effects. Our archer may use it if he is ought in melee combat.

Support spells
Support spells are normally passives and buffs or very mighty spells. They have very long colldowns, so they are in a spell book.
This include weapon enchants, arrow upgrades , auras, mighty buffs, mighty nukes for boss fights etc.

Spell upgrades(only for combat skills)
Spell upgrades are passives, which do nothing for themselves. All what they do is upgrading the combat spells. Instead of 1 there are suddenly up to 3 lightnings, you are immune to arrows while shield charging, the fire wall lasts longer, or a spell simply have a bigger Aoe.to be effective you normally have to invest quite some points into theris base spells, cause 3 weak lightings arent very helpfull.
Some of them may need multiple skill points to take effect.Wouldnt be fair to increase the number of lightnings for every point you invest =/

Having 2 Masterys means, that you will have up to 6 combat and up to 10 support skills

Fire and lighting based aoe abilities.
Relay on his spells to do dmg.
Status:All combat spells finished, no other skills so far.

Naturally quite tanky,use stunning shield skills.
Relay on his stuns to kill with his standard attack.
Status:2 combat spells finished, no other skills so far.

Physical dps and aoe abilities.
Relay on his weapon and his spells.
Status:1 combat spell finished, no other skills so far.

Supporting skills and physical dmg based nukes.
Relay on his other mastery.
Status:1 combat spell finished,no other skills so far.

only way to get a horse, could be only taken as first mastery
supporting and single target dmg skills
Relay on speed
Status: I found a model =)

Skills for bows and staffs, best way to play an archer
Relay on his spells and his weapon.
Status:1 combat spell finished,2support skills finished

Arcane Magic:
Ice skills and magical enchants
relays on his spell to do dmg, also very good support

Dark Magic:
Dark skills and mob control
relays on cruelty =)
status: planned

Attachment System:

You are able to see which items you are wearing!
Not only , You are also able to see what you r enemies are wearing/will drop!
Just mind running trough a low lvl region to get to your quest,
and suddenly you see an enemy with a big,red,glowing sword:cute:
I guess you have a new weapon then:grin:



In H&S Rpg there are 5 stats: life, mana, stenght, agi, int.
YOu gain 5 stat points every lvl.
In addition, your stats are all incrased by 1 every lvl.

Life: every point incrase you life by 7.

Mana: every point incrase your mana by 4.

Strenght: every point incrase physical weapon damage.
every point incrase life regen by an small amount.
Needed to wear items!
Dmg formula: (Weapon dmg+str/10)+str%

Agility: If oyu have more agi than your enemy, you:
have a crit chance (max25%)
a chance to dodge his attacks
The actuall value is depending on
how much more agi you have!
if you have less,
your enemy have a chacne to dodge and to crit!
Needed to wear bows,

Inteligen.: every point incrase elemtar and magic dmg.
every point incrase mana regen a bit
Needed for some items
Dmg formula: (Base dmg+int/10)+int%

So what oyu have to do?
Incrase str to hit harder with weapons.
incrase agi to make crits and dodge attacks.
Incrase mana to be able to cast more often.
Incrase int to make you elemtar dmg hit harder
incrase life to survive better.

Common meele:
1,5points into life
1,5points into agi
3points into str

1point life
1point mana
3points int

meele hybrid(hard):
str to wear items
rest in int


Current Status: Working on a gameplay vid, working on spells, working on debug:sad:,working overall on more awsomeness.

edit: grammar and spelling improved
added demo
edit:new demo, dual class system enabled!


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Level 6
Mar 5, 2010
Well, I'll see now ... I made a score system, and I'll use this map to test it.

Colors equal to grade:

Triggers - 1/10 - According to leak check v3 the GiveItems trigger had 36 leaks and todbeta 1 leak. Note that I only checked GUI triggers, not JASS triggers. Some script/trigger thing or whatever it was did so i couldn't play.
Terrain - 7/10 - Well, OK I guess. If you want higher, you should get a proffesional in your team.
Idea - 5/10 - I've seen these kinds of RPGs before and it ain't anything special with your. Yet atleast. I give it a 5 becouse it's too early to say more.
Average - 4/10 - Keep on the work!

I can't do more becouse map didn't work.

Things I liked:
  • Unprotected

Things I didn't like
  • Triggers
  • Grammar

  • Fix the triggers!
  • Make some special with this map

Vote for approval/rejection (If it was uploaded in MAP section): Rejection
Looks awesome I will check map for sure :thumbs_up:


Ok let see...

Things that I like:

1st - ROFL I am joking

Looks awesome dude, time shield or whatever is perfect :D
Attachment system looks really good also (maybe you can replace item icons with disabled armor, weapon etc, it will look even better)
change real numbers to integers (DDS)
Maybe you need to add custom camera and arrow key movement system

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Level 9
Aug 21, 2008
custom camera already added, but not in this version.

I already tested key movement speed, but unfortenulay its pretty laggy in multiplayer. I think i will leave it as it is.

As soon i find proper icons for disabled weapons and armor, i will replace them

map is demo which means:
this is not the terrain. im not very amused at waiting for 10k doodads saving everytime i save the map, so i wait to do it till the most important things are ready.
I just made the terrain so you can play around a bit.

All gui triggers trigger once in the game, so i did not feel like clearing the leaks... I will replace them anyway with proper code, i just rushed(means copied from one of my old maps) them to make the map playable.
Pls dont rate the triggers if you are only able to rate 2% of them =) Its just like your teacher only rating the one word in your test which you wrote wrong OO

Other kinds of this rpg? I never saw a action rpg made with wc3 =/ pls give me links

you cant know if it is special, if oyu dont played it for at least 5 min.

last think:
start it with wc3, it cant work with test map unlesss you have JNGP.
and dont use 0.26b, which i uploaded for some time. its bugggy and dont work. the current stable version is 0.26
Level 4
Apr 10, 2010
The leaks are what cause the lag. Your movement system should be fine in single and multiplayer once you fix all the leaks for it and the triggers in this demo map.

Anyway, there have been several RPGs like this before, but none really ever made it big due to all the work getting the systems to flow smoothly together. Minus the freakish amount of leaks, these systems seem good for an RPG. You get to craft your hero exactly the way you want to with a fairly clean equipment system. I would definitely play something like this once it's polished up to reduce as much lag as possible.

What I don't like is that we can't hold extra equipment to use later, potions, scrolls, etc. Also, I suggest changing the gameplay constant 'Follow Range - Units' to something around 100 instead of 300 so melee units walk up to their target within the proper attacking range when right-clicking an enemy. Grammar needs a lot of work, but I know you've already been told that.
Level 5
Aug 8, 2009
I LOVE HACK AND SLASH RPGS please make this amazing from the screens it looks great and i hope you will come through pretty well, are you aiming for a diablo like feel? or going for something original? just wondering, cause im looking forward to diablo 3, and maybe u can keep me on edge till it releases :D
Level 9
Aug 21, 2008
yea the leaks casuing lagg, but not the ones you see in the GUI triggers(there are simply not enough if you have 2mb ram)
i guess i have some unfixed leak in the jass code, but till all vital systems are running i wont have time to fix it.

You actually can held potions, just a bit more creative. Just go the mage and buy some potions, you will see how you can hold them without multiboard and space in inventory.
The only prob is that i currently dont know how i make townt portals, but currently there isnt a need for them.

@marine: alltought i try to create something unique, there still will be some diablo feel like.
If you like diablo like games, you should like this rpg =)
Level 9
Aug 21, 2008

Dual class system enabled. At lvl 8 you choose your second mastery.
You buy the spells fromt he second mastery at the second amstery shops.
The spells from the second mastery have different hotkeys(to avoid hotkey crashes)
Spell book appears, but isnt used yet.

Rewrote quite some code, there isnt a real difference ingame(besides less lagg)
But its easier for me now the create new spells =)
Level 7
Dec 18, 2008
You should do something about the item drop thing :eek:
Almost everytime i kill someone 3 items spawn, at a random location nearby(?)
Just get unit location when he dies and create an item there.
Still a lot of gramma errors :eek:
Will you ad any kind of quest(s) to this map? :p
Level 9
Aug 21, 2008
As i wrote, you get all items you see. If a enemy wears a sword a shield and an armor it willl drop... an sword an armor and a shield =)
Its not a random location nearby, instead there is a little delay beetwen the dkill and the drop(the items where anoying while fighting =/)
no i wont add any quests on THIS map, cause this is just a demo. At the real map(which even is at a different loaction), there will be a main quest(kill tha bad demon =/) and some side quests(defend a city, find out what happened to the raided city,help a sieged city,...)
Level 5
Aug 8, 2009
@marine: alltought i try to create something unique, there still will be some diablo feel like.
If you like diablo like games, you should like this rpg =)

sweet i will definatly follow this , and for the the progress so far and how the map looks ill throw you a rep ^^ (+repped) anyway man good luck throw me some private messages with the progress you make and if you need i tester i would love, LOVE, to play this map when it is complete :D i would love to see your own feel in the map :thumbs_up:

Got my own project going with Yayoi as well, its alterac valley remade to Wc3, check it out its in my sig leave me a comment :D
Level 5
Aug 8, 2009
sounds nice man keep up the good work still watching the thread and i'd like more people to give you feed back (same on my map aswell) well yah anyway map looks great so far keep up the good works maybe make a city with a bunch of guards you can kill or something :D
Level 9
Aug 21, 2008
New Version:
Rewrote some things
fixed some bugs

New Mastery: Ballistic-how to turn your bow into a killing machine
Current combat skills: multishoot. well, shoots more than 1 arrow at once.
First support skills:
Ballistic: Pierce-give a chance that a arrow pierces trough a enemy and contine flying
Fire arrow: activade with right click. All arrows cost mana, but do fire splash damage
Level 9
Aug 21, 2008
Update: Currently im having some exams so i cant work on map, but soon i will continue.
I managed to find some time to remove some unused imports and removed them, halfing the current file size.

Plans for the next version:
Custom Exp System,
New mastery,
New skills for old mastery,
Maybe a summon.
Level 11
Oct 13, 2008
wy i should use this? I dont want a keyboard movemt system... No Chance for proper aiming with arrows...

And if i want a keyboard movement system, i would write it for myself...

the action will be greatest, evade from the arrows using the keybord *__*
and attack unsing the keyboard but don't move with keyboard is not a good Idea...

well, your map is very good!
you can only do one keyboard and camera system for this

good luck!!!
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