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GUI Spell Request

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Level 9
Aug 18, 2008
You all must have seen General Franks Decimator

Well I want to use the model in my map. My map is nothing fancy at the moment, but it will be.
I have been working on it ever since I created my forest troll race ( found here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/1370910-post865.html ).
Which now contains my forest troll race, Wraithlings ghost race, high elves/blood elves (still very rough state). I plan to add an improved Naga race as well.

Anyway, back to the model. I plan to use Franks Decimator for my high elves/blood elves race. Mainly because I have a hard time finding any other "heavy units" for that race.
Shortly after I made up my mind. I realised that I If I am going to use this. I would need some help with the spell I would want for it.

The Spell goes like this:

5x Units (Priests) - Channel *spell that gives the Decimator mana and steals mana from the Priests*
If one unit (Priests) die, half of the mana the unit that died channeled onto the Decimator is lost.
When the Decimators mana reaches 2000 (each unit gives 10 mana every 3/sec) I want the Decimator to play the Morph animation. After that I want it to shoot four big blue balls (each draining 500 mana) randomly within the AoE set up by the owner of the unit. Limit range 1400
After that I want the Decimator to play the Morph Alternate animation. ”The End”

Note – It does not exaktly have to be like the spell above they are just guidelines.
I would want though so that the spell ”Channel” *spell that gives the Decimator mana and steals mana from the Priests* only can be started by 5x Priests, if the priests die along the ”Channel” I would still want them to continue their channeling.

I don't expect anyone to actually create this. But if someone finds a way to "simplify" my thoughts and create a very basic version of this I would be more then happy.
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