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Guerilla - A Tactical Strategy System by matyko (Deloctyte)

Level 10
Feb 8, 2006
-: Guerilla :-
Guerilla turns Warcraft III into a fast-paced, dynamic strategy game, where every movement counts. It’s Specialties include:
- Three Factions, that give uniqe abilities and skills to every unit.
- Vehicles are weaker when attacked from the side. Ambushes have never been so effective!
- Special Capturable buildings that, with the right usage, can turn the tide of battle!

Backround Story:

The Empire has kept the lands of Bongoslow in a tight grip. The almost limitless destructive arsenal it has hoarded over the years give people everywhere plenty of reason to fear it’s deadly strikes. Mercenary soldiers, bought from Grey Wolf International patrol the cities as well as the outskirts, and none dare oppose them, exept for a choosen few. These Rebels have taken refuge in the wilderness, and use whatever technology, no matter how dangerous it might potentially be, to thwart their opponents, and bring the Revolution to the land! Since a few infuential people have also joined the Rebels, they now usually hire soldiers from Grey Wolf International to do most of the really messy jobs.

As the situation escelated the United World Collective has decided to end the war as quick as possible, and,despite the sounds of protest from both the Rebles and the Empire, initiated a full cleanup of the countries where the war wages. They have sent in the Peacemakers, special, paid battalions designed for ending conflicts, who exel in defensive tactics. They are the pride and joy of Grey Wolf International, and have seen many conflicts with victorious outcomes!
Now, the stench of battle fills the air, as the war of Bongoslow slowly comes to an end...

Each player starts with the same recources: A Headquaters, and five technitians. Technitians are the backbone of your path to conquer the battlefield, since they are the ones capable of Converting non-occupied structures and vehicles for your cause. Ofcourse, you wouldnt go far with these non-combat units, so the first thing on the list is to get some income so you can purchase more units. Luckily, the lands of Bongoslow is an oil rich land, and your technitians should have no trouble capturing the Oil Derricks that are spread throughout the battlefield. The Oil mined from these structures gets sent away to the World Market, and you, sir, get money in return!

There are, aside from the Technitian, ten types of units you can control. All factions control the same basic units, courtesy of Grey Wolf International, but every faction can arm their units with something special. For example, the Empire hands out fragmentation grenades to their GIs, while the Rebles teach theirs the art of camouflage. As such, everyone is capable of working efficently, but each faction will fine-tune each and every one of their units for a different play style:

- The Empire exels in Offensive abilites, their units can really give a punch!

- The Rebels are reliant on speed and stealth, and they are also exelent ambushers!

- The Peacekeepers build on defensive strategies, and are perfect for the slower moving commanders.

Your goal is to destroy all the Headquaters of the enemy, and keep yours alive.

GI: General Infantry - As the backbone of any army, the G.I. is quick and versatile.
Empire: Frag Grenades
Rebels: Ambush
Peacekeepers: Barricade

Guardian: Heavy Infantry - Guardians are specialized soldiers wielding anti-vehicle rocket launchers capable of reducing a tank to dust within a matter of minutes!
Empire: Dual-Missiles
Rebels: Place Land Mines
Peacekeepers: Rig Vehicle

Sniper: Snipers - Snipers are perfect for taking out infantry units. However, the time they need to reload their weapons, and their light armor makes them easy to remove with vehicles or a group of units.
Empire: Laser-Paint
Rebels: Ambush
Peacekeepers: De-Pilot Vehicle

Assault Suit: Mechanized Protective Armor - Assault Suits are mobile massacare machines. They tear through infantry like butter.
Empire: Impailing Shot
Rebels: Evac Pod
Peacekeepers: EMP Discharge

Grizzly: Medium-Class Tank - Grizzlies are the backbone of an armored assault, combining acceptable speed with a powerful turret.
Empire: Armor Plating
Rebels: Nitro Boost
Peacekeepers: Stabilize

Rhino: Armored Personnel Carrier - Rhinos are built to get troops quickly and safley into the fray. It is also mounted with an automated machine gun to repel enemy infantry before unloading it's precous cargo. It's specially balanced design allows it to pass land mines without setting them off.
Empire: Battle-Paint
Rebels: Nitro-Fused Petrol
Peacekeepers: Smoke Grenade

Beetle: Mobile Artillery - When you want to destroy a base, or just keep a choke point under suppresion, the Beetle is your vehicle. It can turn anything to rubble in a few seconds. Be careful, though, it is slow and easly damaged when not looked after!
Empire: Napalm-Coated Shells
Rebels: Rapid Fire
Peacekeepers: Compact

Hummingbird: Air Support - Twin-Blade Hummingbirds are quick and versitale choppers, and are perfect against small groups of infantry.
Empire: Napalm Bomb
Rebels: Silent Mode
Peacekeepers: Carry Passengers

Turtle: Mobile Defense System - Though slow moving and cumbersome, the Turtle carries massive destructive power under it's heavily fortified shell. Best to be destroyed at range.
Empire: Tremor
Rebels: Net Lobber
Peacekeepers: Transform into Snapper

Mammoth: Heavyweight Devestator Class Tank - This is the real deal. The Ultimate weapon of war. Quick, protected by inches of solid steel, and armed to the teeth. If there is one thing you dont want to be on the wrong side of, it's a Mammoth turret.
Empire: Heavy Round
Rebels: Sam Sentry Tower
Peacekeepers: Mammoth Hide

Progress: The system itself is finished, but no imported models, or real ingame documentation exists as of yet.
Also, Naval Units are non-existent at the moment.

Map 1 - Sand Castle
Players: Four Players.
Creator: Deloctyte (me)
Description: In this barren wasteland, blood of hundreds have been spilled, all for the precious recource: Oil. It's tight valleys are perfect for ambushes, as well as close-quater fighting!

Map 2 - Beach Storm
Players: Two Players.
Creator: Deloctyte
Desctription:This peninsula has been the focal point for many campaigns, simply because of it's tactical value. With enough free land to manouver properly, this battlefield has seen many great victories!

Map 3 -
Players: Three Players
Creator: ArcaneVittorio
Description:The Badlands is a dangerous place, filled to the brim with bandits and hooligans. Scattered all around the place are several small settlements.
Best be Careful.
(He also changed the income rate, and set the number of starting technitians to five. Just so you know.)

Oh yeah, no victory conditions yet either, since I'm a lazy git...
Not to fear a thing, I'll have that up by the time I import the models, and make the system complete!

Any feedback, any whatsoever would be nice.


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