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Last Activity:
Feb 22, 2018
Feb 8, 2006

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matyko was last seen:
Feb 22, 2018
    1. MasterHaosis
      So whats up man? Long time no see.
    2. MasterHaosis
      Are you alive?
    3. RED BARON
      Long time no see :smile: Hope all is well.
    4. Latecat
      every time when i get to call you 'mehtyko' in chat, you always leave directly after D:

      meh :<
    5. MasterHaosis
      Hai man, nice to see you!
    6. MasterHaosis
      matyko, :cgrin:
    7. Ss-4-Goku
      SC2nao, you headset-boaster
    8. Zombie
    9. Vengeancekael
      Your map kodo capture does not have a good description, please improve it and also it is not playable. The game starts but you don't control anything, there are just kodos running around. I've also posted a comment, because that I know you're active, then I won't report your map but give you time to fix it and also the description. If you've done so, please leave me a visitor message or send me a private message. Do not leave a vm for me in your own profile. If you do not want to update it or improve the description, then it will be eventually rejected, because the map reviewers group is checking every single map.
    10. The Reborn Devil
      The Reborn Devil
      SC2!!!! :D
    11. The Reborn Devil
    12. Zombie

    13. matyko
      Zombie.... ><
    14. Zombie

    15. Zombie
    16. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      Too long for a single VM

      Map Making Tips Part I:
      - Make it possible to play the map in multiple ways if you can. Even in DotA you can decide to try new recipe-builds and try new tricks with your team. All those DotA sites telling you what items to buy and people telling you what exactly to do are degrading to a great map.
      - Don't make heroes with just passives, they are either weak, too strong, balanced but you need no skill for them.
      - Don't use arrow key movement or a camera behind a hero, it lags and makes some motion-sick >:(
      - Make sure you have Leaver messages.
      - No Leet speak or modern swearing and cursing.
      - You don't have to tell people in your map that they should host it. They are smart enough to decide if they want to host it.
      - Do not make a map for pros only, nobody starts as a pro, meaning that nobody can play it.
      - Do not make save codes a requirement to properly play a map. People might lose them and lose interest in your map.
    17. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      Map Making Tips Part II:
      - Quality above Quantity: Make all Heroes fun to play/Make all Enemies fun to fight (RPG's lack here, because most enemies are the same, but differ in strength)
      - Keep Tooltips free from in-depth stories, they are useless to beginners and old to pros.
      - If you make a Tooltip, describe everything a player needs to know. Not only what a spell can do, but also give values.
      - Make sure new Players know what to do when playing. People hate having to read Quest Logs. Use Quest Logs only so people can have a look at them.
      - Prevent Snowballing, meaning that a player that starts stronger will only get stronger, leaving others with no chance to win.
      - Don't use an already existing lore, unless you make your own lore or it is the Warcraft lore. This is why I stopped making my LotR map: LotR fans will dislike it because it isn't LotR, non-fans wont have a look at it unless they are bored.

      © Billy the Cat
    18. Zombie
    19. wereguy2
    20. matyko
      What the hell!?

      Did I become the gallery of militant pictures all of a sudden!? D:
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