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[General] Gold Collection Bonus Effect not working

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Level 1
Feb 4, 2017
Hi everyone I'm Javier, this is my first post here. I went here for some help, so the point is that I want to make an update for the sawmill of humans, in which it increases the capacity of collecting gold of the peasants (equal to the bonus of wood but only with gold). The problem is that in the editor updates tab I have created a custom update copying the same features that the wood bonus update has, changing the bonus effect of wood to gold. I added the research available to the sawmill but when I go to test it in the game the peasants still collect 10 gold. I do not understand why it does not work if I have specified the basic amount and increase of gold bonus. If someone can help me understand what is happening, I would appreciate it. I would send a picture but my editor is in Spanish and you would not understand.
PD: If there is a trigger to match this please let me know.
Not open for further replies.