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Gods of Guitar

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Hi, I am here with yet another project, based on GH.

While Steel Cold made a Guitar Hero map, I am aiming to the functionality of the real game, more of pressing the arrow keys to make thunder sounds happen, importing songs and modding them to fit the purposes of the five buttons, as in Guitar Hero, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange, operated with 1-5 on the keypad.


The concept of the game is to add a different side of Warcraft III, one that uses external controllers to drive the game. The keys are 1-5 for a reason, it is so you can take a USB keypad and turn it into a guitar controller easily, just hook up the fret buttons with the keypad circuitry and plug it in, using a perpendicular peice of plastic to press down the enter key every time you strum.

Featuring popular songs, the game opens up a new door to the Warcraft III modding community, where real-life scenarios take place, where you can book your own gigs besides the required to earn more money to buy yourself new guitars, characters, and other goodies, from a book of bonus songs. While put in a campaign, this mod is the forefront of my new maps, which will be consectively released next year.

Right now, there are 12 programmed gigs you are required to play through to beat the game, while the songs for some are still not ironed out, here is a few that will definatively be included:

Welcome to the Black Parade
Down with the Sickness
Lepper Messiah
Rum is for Drinking, Not Burning
Never too Late
Bleed Black
Lights Out
The Kill

I am open for suggestions on the map and songs, but before here are some few features.

The characters are modded glue-screen characters, such as Rexxar, Shandris, of course Arthas, etc.

The map has a fully modable bonus level, unattached to the campaign where you can put your own songs on, and submit it to me for consideration on the next upate or sequel.

Any coments?
Level 9
Oct 24, 2007
Wouldn't be able to hit fast notes with them... the shortest cooldown possible is something like .5-1 seconds, because even after cooling down it sits there unclickable for a bit. Still good luck.

Maybe for some difficulty click in the frets in time when you want them played :p now that would be frantic.
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