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Goblin Slammer

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A little model made for a hero contest .
It can be used as a hero or unit.

Attack animations means to use it as a melee Hero.
Attack-1, Attack-2 and Attack-Slam: the rocket pod is thrown on the target
Spell: To fire missiles; works with spells like Rockets
Spell Throw: to use the gun. Works better with spells like shockwave or Healing spray
Death: the goblin is ejected.
Walk: I do not know how to create animated textures, sorry.
Defend tag: simply swith the flares on.

Of course I would appreciate the fact you give credits.
Permission to edit the model is granted ofc, but it is same: my name somewhere in the credits could be nice from you.

Update Log

16 Oct 2009
59th version
-Spell and Spell Throw animation reduced in time
-Particle Count of dust in Walk animation reduced

08th Oct 2009
58th version
-Fixed the walk defend animation (No more particles from other animations)
-Added a tooltip on this message about animations.
-Reduced the smoke of the walk animations.

55th version
-Major changes to respect the moderation report
-New design for cockpit; now it does not look like a Crystal shard.
-One rocket pod removed, replaced with a hudge gun
-Attack 1, 2 and Slam animation changed
-Death animation: the eject of the Goblin does not use a hidden geoset anymore; particles modified and shockwave added.
-Particles reduced
-Spell animation: particles look like more fire in order to imitate a rocket fire
-Spell Thow animation: smoke added
-Defend animations: light changed
-Spell and Spell Throw animations: light added
-Goblin design changed. It uses now the classic Tinker design.
-Hero glow removed
-Size of the model reduced
-Chains modified; I have added bones on it, allowing a more realistic move and more than all no texture zoom.

20th Sept 2009
23rd version
-Animations added: Spell Throw (using a machinegun), Walk Defend, Stand Defend (using a flare and a light source)
-Changed the color of the smoke for the Decay animation
-Changed the Death animation: now the Goblin ejects the cockpit ;)

19th Sept 2009
8th version.
-Helmet changed, I use a lighter one.
-Dust particle fixed in walk animation.

11:12, 18th Sep 2009
Last changes: in order to fixt what was pointed about the weakness of this model:
-Walk animation: smoke added to the tracks
-Cockpit: other texture used, looks more realist.
-Cockpit: a bit modified the structure. Centered.
-Death animation: minor changes in the particles.
-Decay animation: added some smoke.

Cockpit changed.

goblin, slammer, tank, robot, warrior, hero

Goblin Slammer (Model)

22:53, 17th Sep 2009 Rizz_Boomer: NO WAY I APPROVE THIS! remake the cockpit, add a helmet to the goblin, or add just the rest of the head. 7th Oct 2009 Pyritie: The goblin's head is a total mess. Fix it. - You're missing a poly on its helmet...




22:53, 17th Sep 2009
remake the cockpit, add a helmet to the goblin, or add just the rest of the head.

7th Oct 2009
Pyritie: The goblin's head is a total mess. Fix it.
- You're missing a poly on its helmet (front left)
- You have depth fighting on the back (with those two things that look sorta like pistons)
- You have texture stretching during the attack anims
- You're missing some polies around the treads
- You should make the material of the base two-sided
- An extra goblin inside the base that should be removed
- Some weird particles going on in the death anim... you should make it so it "fits" more with wc3 deaths
- Use a better death event object sound
- Make the chain materials two-sided
- Too many particles in the spell anim. What's it supposed to be anyway? You should make them more firey and smoky, because I'm assuming that's where rockets come out of.
- Spell throw just has some random gun that comes out of nowhere. Either remove it or stick it somewhere more appropriate.
- Stand Defend: Set the alpha of segments 1 and 3 to 0, bump up the emission rate to 10, and set the lifespan to 1.
- Lower the particle count on the walk to like 30.
- Why does fire come out of the back during the attack anims? Doesn't make much sense.

16th Oct 2009
Pyritie: Much better! You still have to fix these though:
- Lower the particle count on the walk to like 30.
- Lower the duration of the spell and spell throw anims

18th October 2009
I will approve this one, but do improve the animations and the mesh, please.
Level 5
Aug 22, 2009

This, and add a proper walk animation. Other details are un noticeable ingame anyways, but you should re-locate the cristal, a little to the rigth it seems out of place

I like the idea, but it doesn´t seem like a hero, still, its a very good model, and i like its death anim and concept overall.
Level 21
Mar 19, 2009
Helmet changed :)

For the walk animation: the former version was "bugged": I use a simple Dust particle, but because I optimize each model, I did not see that the colums and rows used in W3 Model Editor have been changed from (0,0) to (1,1) in MdlVis. This explain the smoke was closed to be invisible. Now, If I did not make this mistake again, the smoke hiddes the tracks.

In the Hero Tinker Models, tracks have been animated with an animated Texture. Probleme is my knowloedge about animated textures is closed to 0. I only use MdlVis and W3Model Editor to create models, and MdlVis, so powerfull it is, does not deal with textures more than UV Mapping.
Level 5
Aug 22, 2009
Improved and nice, one last thing, you should make the "rocket pods-fists " closer to their arms in the spin animation, they look a little off-place as they are rigth now.

Also, suggestions that not neccesary but may improve the model greatly: another spell animation, and maybe other gadgets, such as lights or more rocket pods. Maybe make the goblin eject the cockpit during death.
Level 26
Apr 13, 2008
its looking better. But walk animation has a ridiculous particle saturation, reduce that. Alsoin the walk defend animation, all the particle emitters are on. so 300 random particles are shooting out everywhere, it looks like it is shaking and exploding and it is extremely annoying. You still do not have a proper walk animation, covering the treads with smoke is a cheap and poorly done trick to try to cover that. Texture animations aren't that hard to add.... I like the light on stand defend... kinda useless but nice. Death looks alright except for the half goblin slowly flying into the air with smoke.... looks like a smoking goblin cut in half being gently lifted into the air. cockpit looks better, chain on the rocket launcher is... odd
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Level 5
Aug 22, 2009

the walk defend animation, dude!

Also, the old goblin ejected rigth, why the new one does not?
High particle count in some anims, and odd particle use in others (the spell one looks like its a flametrower malfunctioning)

the cockpit is a lot better now but... the chains in the rocket pod look a little... weird.
I really liked the new stand defend and the attack slam, but this model had a lot of techical issues i didn´t noticed before(but im not a modeler, so, yeah..), and still has a few more...
Fix: the particles, the odd death, and the friggin bug in the walk defend anim.

My advice:

Keep the machinegun, and the rocket pod, but leave the rocket pod as a rocket pod, dont use it as an arm anymore.

Also, if the machinegun its a problem for this,you could place them in the upper weels part.

You could either give up with the arm thingy, OR add 2 mechanical arms.
- you could make the mechanical arms as one form, and the rocketpod/machinegun as a alternate one
-make the arms, and a alternate stand animatin in wich the arms transform into huge rocket pods (i´d reccomend a tubular type one rather than the square form)

And a last thought:
You make awesome animations, and you work with good concepts, but the execution is usually... not so good. You should try on doing non-mechanical and non-modern units and models(if you need help with concept execution or artistic aspect, i can help you).
imho the slam animation is weird
making it to one instead of two hits would improve it a lot
( of cause the animation should look like *BAM* and not like *slap* )
( maybe a smash from above? just a suggestion you surely have better ideas)

the spin animation is bugged
the goblin becomes as thin as paper when he's spinning

an alternate animation tag for machine gun usage would be cool too

the model looks very cool right now but there still is potential for more
have fun becoming an imba model maker :thumbs_up:
Level 2
Oct 31, 2011
i have a question. is it possible to stop the attack animation of this or any unit? i want him as a total range unit with machinegun on right arm and a rocketbox on left side. He shell not beat the rocketbox agains enemys XD.

and if it is posible, can i choose where the bullets and rocket are coming from? so that the machinegun bullets come out of his rightarm weapon and the rockets out of the box on the left side?

and third question. how can i give him 2 different range attacks? so that he shoot with the machinegun all the time and every 15 secs or so he shoot swarm-rockets or such things out of the box?