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Goblin Risk

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There really is no story behind this game, I just wanted to make my own risk map with goblins! The map is actually Lordaeron and Quel'thalas, and is also rather small for wuicker game play.

The goal of this is to be the sole owned of the entire continent. You can make alliances, break them and even stab your allies in the back to win! The map is rather small which makes it easier to control your areas as well as make the game shorter.

AI - At the start of the game Player 1 selects if the AI will be turned on or off. If on is selected Player 1 will then choose one of five difficulties... Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Extreme!

Advanced Alliance System - Instead of everyone just typing in "-ally (color)" to ally eachother, I thought it would be easier to make it when some one types "-ally (color)" that a box comes up for that player asking them if they would like to ally with the other player or not. So with a simple click of a button, an alliance can be made or not!

Veterancy System - Why not make every unit worth something? This veterancy system allows a unit to gain a small amount of damage and speed for every 3 kills it gets!

Unit Spoilers
Gunman - 60 health and does 5 to 6 damage with 500 range. Basic infantry, has the R.P.G. ability that targets mechanical vehicles. good vs. Doomsday Blimp, weak vs. Pyromaniac.

Pyromaniac - 100 health and does 5 damage with 300 range. Advanced infantry. good vs. Infantry, weak vs. air.

Hedgehog AA - 210 health and does 27 to 37 damage in a 150 AoE with 550 range. Basic anti-air. good vs. Doomsday Blimp, weak vs. gound.

Doomsday Blimp - 290 health and does 19 to 26 damage in a 300 AoE with 450 range. Basic air, has the Barrage ability that targets an area of units. good vs. Tank, weak vs. Hedgehog AA.

Tank - 600 health and does 30 to 40 damage in a 150 AoE with 550 range. Basic artillery. good vs. infantry, weak vs. Doomsday Blimp.

== Icons ==
CRAZYRUSSIAN - BTN_CR_flyingchair_GOBLIN.blp, BTN_cr_GOBdino.blp
Frankster (aka General Frank) - BTNGoblin_AssaultTank.blp
ikillforeyou - BTNGoblinWarZeppelin.blp
kola - BTNRaven_Crown.blp
4eNNightmare - BTNRocket_Flare.blp

== Models ==
WILL THE ALMIGHTY - Flamethrower.mdx, NewGroundEX.mdx, NewAirEX.mdx, FlamerGoblin.mdx, GoblinSoldier.mdx, Rocket.mdx
Burning_Dragoon5 - Goblin Town Hallv1_2.mdx
Frankster (aka General Frank) - Goblin_AssaultTank.mdx, SpaceOrc_AT_AAV_Hedgehog.mdx
ikillforyou - GoblinWarZeppelin.mdx
Red XIII - WCIIOrc_WarTower.mdx
konstrukt - SubmachinegunMissle.mdx

== Systems ==
Advanced Alliance - 13oot-Me with the help of Spinnaker and ap0calypse, from the Hiveworkshop.com.
Veterancy - 13oot-Me with the help of Spinnaker and Magtheridon96, from the Hiveworkshop.com

== Preview Screen and Loading Screen ==
Preiview - 13oot-Me
Loading - WoW Goblin Screen (Blizzard), edited by 13oot-Me

== Game Interface ==
MiniMage and CRAZYRUSSIAN - GoblinUI - GoblinUITile01.blp, GoblinUITile2.blp, GoblinUITile3.blp, GoblinUITile4.blp, GoblinUITile-InventoryCover.blp, GoblinUITile-TimeIndicatorFrame.blp

CRAZYRUSSIAN - BTN_CR_Green_A copy.blp, BTN_CR_Green_ag copy.blp, BTN_CR_Green_C copy.blp, BTN_CR_Green_H copy.blp, BTN_CR_Green_M copy.blp, BTN_CR_Green_p copy.blp, BTN_CR_Green_S copy.blp

Change Log
Version 1.0
- Release

Future Plans
1 - Add abilities that can be used anywhere, with long cool down times.
2 - Add more units to train.

Risk, Goblin, Goblins

Goblin Risk (Map)

12:08, 8th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved
Level 8
Apr 23, 2010
Sorry, I didn't realize any other risk map on this site had any lore... at all. Why not Lordaeron though? Seems as good a place as any to me, If I made it Northerend or Azeroth would you still say it should be somewhere else? Just wondering.
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Level 8
Oct 1, 2010
You don't see many goblins in Lordaeron. And yes, most risk maps have a story. (See: LoTR risk, Star Wars risk, WoW risk, risk, ect...)

Actually no, most risk maps don't have stories. There's GVE mode in lotr risk and HVA in wow risk, however both modes suck.

Oh and Risk Devo? The most popular risk map on Warcraft 3, any hint of lore/story in that?

I'll try and play this with my WoW Risk clan later today and give some feedback.

Cheers! Love risk, so keep it up!
Level 8
Oct 1, 2010
Whats MPI? Also, I have to upload this to epicwar to put it on our clan bot, hope you don't mind.

And NP, we love risk (mostly the non-Risk Devo kind) so I'm happy to try it out.
Level 8
Apr 23, 2010
MPI means Multiple Player Instancable, in english that means more than one person at a time can use it haha. Ya that's fine if you upload it to epicwar.com just say i'm the creator.

Also if you have any suggestions or find any bugs in the game, feel free to post them here or send me a pm telling me so and i'll do what I can to change it :)
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