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Goblin Rally Point

A goblin rally point, made for MiniMage's project.

Meant to override orc rally flag.

2 Animations, 'Stand - 1' and 'Stand - 2'

Have fun, edit anything, as long as I get credits in the end.

Possible import paths:

UI\Feedback\RallyPoint\RallyPoint.mdx (Human)
UI\Feedback\RallyPoint\UndeadRallyFlag.mdx (Undead)
UI\Feedback\RallyPoint\NightElfRallyFlag.mdx (Night Elf)
UI\Feedback\RallyPoint\OrcRallyFlag.mdx (Recommended, Orc)

Edit 1: Added collision shape, extents.

Goblin, Rally, UI, Interface, Feedback, Rallypoint, Point, Orc, Flag, Orgrimmar, WOW, World of Warcraft

Goblin Rally Point (Model)

16:38, 9th Aug 2011 DonDustin: really awesome