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Goblin Laborer

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When the Defias Brotherhood advanced into Westfall, the goblins of the area were upset both by the Brotherhood’s raids on the merchant trains that supplied their shops and by the Brotherhood’s refusal to sell their inventions at goblin merchant outposts. After repeated attempts by the goblins at negotiation were met by increased attacks on their suppliers by the Brotherhood, the merchants hired a group of mercenaries to hunt the bandits. This hunt resulted in the only major battle fought by the Brotherhood— and led to the capture of all goblins in Westfall by the renegade bandits. Chained together, they were marched south into the Dead Mines and put under the command of Edwin VanCleef. What has happened to them since is unknown.

This is a plug-and-play replacement for the peasant/peon. The goblin laborer has comparable animations and is capable of doing everything the normal worker units can do. He is equipped with a hammer for building and a diamond-tipped saw for lumber harvesting and mining. The saw has sounds and popcorn effects from the Iron Golem/Shredder. The blade rotates when in use. There are no custom textures. Facefx should work. Ardenaso and VictorZ's Goblin Civilian Alchemist was used as a base for this unit.

This model was created using Retera's Model Studio 0.04.3 and 0.05.8. It is intended to be used in Warcraft 3 Reforged. There are no custom textures. All custom kitbashing and animation was done by Symphoneum.

This unit was commissioned by Wraithic. As part of my commissioning agreement I always release the models for public use and only accept compensation for time spent on the project. If you would like to commission a model please DM me on Discord with your request.

Goblin Laborer (Model)

Goblin Laborer Icon (Icon)

Goblin Laborer Portrait (Model)

Level 4
May 19, 2020
Nice job, however, there is something weird about all the attack animations, the Goblin seems to keep too far away from the target.
I believe it is necessary to decrease the unit's attack distance in O.E. to values well below the standard. Or alternatively, in other cases you can edit the Bone_Root of all "Attack" and "Stand Ready" animations, to get a little closer to the target, dragging all the Geosets at the same time (during the break only of these animations). In this second method you don't need to change anything in OE, this does not create much disharmony in model, during the actions in the game, the changes are barely noticeable and the effect will be working.
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Level 2
Aug 26, 2020
It's really great ! It also reminds me of the console game "Goblin Commander''s lumberjack goblins. Old game from my youth.